Sunday, 6 November 2011

Health - Paw Paw Ointment - Amazing!

I know this has nothing to do with miniature models or writing but I thought people might be interested in it anyway.
My daughter pestered me to have a look at something she had seen on TV. I did and I have purchased the product to 'give it a go.' It sounds amazing. Rather than me go on about it it is better if you just go to the link where there are lots of videos to tell you what the product is about. I'm going to keep a diary about how the product works for my families few aliments. We have nothing like the ailments in the video.

I thought I would give a review about my use of this product on two problems that I had. (I wish I had put dates on all of this.
One:- Arthritis in the toes. Immediate relief upon use. Complete relief after the second application the next day. This lasted for over a week until I felt my toes going stiff again. I had been unable to lift my toes more than a few mils now I can lift them as normal. Reporting 5/6/12 - Used it once more on my toes and have not had to use it again.

Two:- A dozen small sores that I had had for the past six months from having skin cancers frozen off. They never really healed. After applying this product three times a day for five days they have now been healed. I had tried my trusty Comphrey, Calandula and even straight Paw Paw ointment but to no avail. This stuff fixed them.

Three:- Knees. 5/6/12 A month ago I twisted my left knee. Upon using the trusty Comphry for a week (with no results) I turned to  Reflexology. I rubbed the side of my hands down near the wrist with great results except that I kept on twisting my knee because I forgot that it didn't hurt. It wasn't healed, it just didn't hurt. Beacuse of the twisting the knee grew worse. I strapped it up with Anica for three days and nights with a little bit os ease THEN I remembered the McAuthur Paw Paw cream.
I put it on three times yesterday and in the middle of the night when I got up to go to the loo I found I could stand on my leg and the knee didn't hurt very much at all. This morning it feels really good and I'm not hobbling around in pain. I've put it on again and will continue now for several days.

12/6/12 I twisted my knee again approx four days ago. It was so bat know it was like having a knife put into it and I litteraly couldn't move. Luckily I found my RED TIGAR BALM. I put this on and I could immediately move, with pain but at least I could move. I put it on before I went to bed and found in the middle of the night (going to the ladies) that I could stand on it. Now, after many applications of red tigar balm my knee hardly hurts and I feel much better.

As I find other things to use it on I shall put on the results.

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