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The Cure For Cancer?

I've just come back to add that if you would like to read about my own personal experiences then look to your left and find the label 'HEALTH" and look there.

I understand that my blog is mainly about creative people and the things I create but I also use natural remedies when I can. I accept that doctors have a place but after five doctors told me (on the same day) that there was nothing wrong with my daughter when she actually had pneumonia (the sixth doctor whipped her into hospital straight away. I just KNEW there was something wrong. A mother's instinct I think). Anyway I use natural remedies where I can and when I find something that I think other people should investigate then I'm adding to my blog.

Recently I was talking to someone I have known for nine years. I told him of the cancer scare my partner has just had. A black spot on his back which a doctor thought nothing of  and just said he would keep an eye on it. Fortunately, six months later, he got to see a different doctor who decided to cut it out. It was a melanoma. He could have died. He ended up with a scare that is 3cm long and wept for over a month before it healed.

I started investigating how to cure cancer because I believe this world has everything on it that can cure anything if only people would look. Although I also believe it has to be caught early enough. This has been proven by people on the (internet - you tube) who have found their ills far to late and even though they have then found the cure (which if they had found the ill in its early stages the cure would have saved them) now it can not. Since then I have heard about it several times so I decided to investigate even more.

I think it is time for me to add this:-
Please Note: (this section has been taken from the centreforce website)
The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in Australia have prevented Centreforce Australia from providing you with Cansema Salve treatment for Humans, until such time as the product has been included in the ARTG for human therapeutic use..

Although The TGA are preventing us from supplying Cansema Black Salve for Human Therapeutic use, the ingredients are the same in both the Human and Animal versions of the Black Salve therefore these instructions prevail for all Animals.

"Please read carefully before using!"

WARNING: Please read the following instructions through carefully before applying Black Salve. Do not, in any way, deviate from the following. Remember, Black Salve will provide results only if you have skin cancer, as opposed to a benign growth. This includes basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas of the skin. For information on an alternative to benign moles and warts, see Bloodroot Paste.

--- (1) PREPARATION ---

Many people, on the observation that they have a "mole" or similar skin marking that is growing and getting darker, have elected to use Black Salve anyway. After all, Black Salve is selective in its action and will only "go after" neoplastic (cancerous) tissue. Healthy tissue will only redden and become mildly irritated when Black Salve is applied. This decision is entirely at the discretion of the user; there is no danger, toxic or otherwise, of applying Black Salve to healthy tissue, although doing so is simply a waste of the product.
In addition, if you are targeting more than one growth, do one at a time.

This morning I came across two websites and one you tube (an amazing invention that is) that I thought I would share. You can make up your own minds about Black Salve.
The first is about a man's experience using it and the second is the free recipe on how you can make it yourself. The you tube is an Australian ladies experiences using Black Salve and how the authorities felt when she set up a website to tell everyone about it.

The first was an Australian man named Bill O'Leary. He had a "Nodular Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) on the tip of my Snoz." If you would like to read his story click here. He gives a day by day blow of what happened.


The RECIPE for Black Salve. - When you arrive on the site look to the left hand bar for Black Salve and click. Then go to instruction sheet. PLEASE NOTE that even though the web site shows you how to make the Black Salve they DO RECOMMEND that you DON'T and that you should GET SOME from reputable sources. I have found in my research that there are other types of Black Salve out on the market. Not all work. I've read that it HAS TO HAVE BLOODROOT in it.
Look to the bottom of the web page for the photos and instructions on how to make Black Salve.

So you are fully aware of what BLOODROOT can do I have added this other youtube.

When watching the video below I did have to keep pausing it so I could read the information as it does move a bit fast.

This article and any other content on are NOT offered for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation,treatment, or prevention of any disease or disorder, nor have any statements herein been evaluated by any government agencies. Said content is NOT intended as medical advice. Please consult your health care professional with regard to matters pertaining to your health.

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