Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Posters of My Illustrations

They have finally arrived. I have been drawing some illustrations for my book The Gribble's Gift which will be self published in 2019. I decided to get some A3 posters (350grm) printed and here they are. When I have my website set up I shall sell them through it for
$10.00 each .


Botanical Bazzar

I was soo pleased to be able to display my models at the Botanical Bazaar at the Paradise Parklands at Nerang, Qld. Aust.

It is the first time I have displayed my work even though this is the fourth year the show has been on. I was soo amazed at the numerous exhibitors and the amazing ideas that people have to help humans and the planet we live on.

I was soo pleased with the reaction I received concerning my miniature models. Soo many people were also interested in my illustrations and the story I have written (The Gribble's Gift) which shall be self published in 2019.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Gribble's Gift novel

Hello, This is the title for my first, of three, children's fantasy adventure novels. I am self publishing this book and it is soo close to being published after eleven years. YAY!

I allowed life to get in the way but I have knuckled down this year and have only two more images to draw. While I wait for the front cover to be illustrated (by someone else) I decided to have my manuscript edited just one more time just to be sure. An author only has one time to catch a persons interest. There can be no mistakes. It is not like I could go back to people and say, "Sorry about the mistakes. I have fixed them now. Do you want to buy my book again?" The answer would be NO!