Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Gold Coast Show 2017 - What I Made

At the Gold Coast Show 2017 and what I made there

When I am at any show I like to make something. This time I was able to make the base of the wooden decking (is that what it would be called?) that surrounded the hanging house I am working on.
What I did first was nail and glue small sections of square balsa wood to the gourd creating an edge. I did this until the complete base was circled with them. I then cut pieces of flat sheet balsa wood so that it would radiate out from the gourd. These were nailed and glued to the edging. I then nailed and glued the sheet edging to more square balsa wood so that the outer ends of the decking were supported.
Once the wood work was completed I then covered the whole lot with hand made paper. I loved the texture and will colour it later.
Once that was finished I then worked on the windows.
This is the first version of the rubber bands used. I thought them too bright so changed them to the lighter colour.
The white stuff is the glue that has not dried yet. The base as the window is made from sequins covered in micro beads.

Gold Coast Show 2018

The Gold Coast Show 2017

I am very pleased to say that I have just finished exhibiting my miniature fantasy models at the Gold Coast Show, Queensland, Australia.
Everything went very well this year. I had thousands of people come and view my work and it is soo lovely to have a pat on the back for a job well done.
While I am at shows I like to make something (added to another post). One it helps me from being bored but more importantly I think it is good for people to see how the houses are made. There is also the fact that because they take soo long to do not taking advantage of being able to spend three full days making models would be mad!

Thankfully I was moved to this site, even though the glare through the windows was a worry. I had originally been placed further down the back of the building with a big wall in-front of me. This was much better as it was next to an eating area with a lot of people sitting down looking at my work. Much better.
I felt the display came up very well. It is a shame about the windows but I was not allowed to cover them up so I had to use a filter on the photo so I am sorry it looks a bit off with its colour.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Finally the Lights are Sorted

I have finally sorted out how to make the lights for my models.

When it comes to lights I have struggled to get them the way I would like but finally I have them sorted.
The main problem is that when I started over 25 to 30 years ago adding lights to my models I was using 12v (mains power using a transformer) and rice bulbs. These rice bulbs were soo hot that at one show one of my grape plants started to smolder. Terrifying!
So the next thing I did was change things to LED's but again still running them on 12v using mains power. (This proved to be very expensive.) Then a friend suggested I use batteries to allow me more freedom in placing the models at shows and schools. This led to doing 9v battery power.
Then came micro lights - well they changed everything!

They run on 4.5v and they are soo bright. Then I found strip lights (because I want to make lit mushrooms) and because they to run on 4.5v (when separated from the strip of 12v) and they are just soo bright which means I do not need as many lights to do the job. If you would like to read more please click on the read more button.

Monday, 5 June 2017

My World Sign for Shows

I was wondering through my blog and was surprised to find that I had not told you about how I made the My World sign I made to take to shows. So here it is.

The base of this sign is a large piece of core flute - the stuff that is used in real estate signs. Now because this stuff is plastic it doesn't actually like glue so you need to go a bit nuts with a sharp blade and slash it so that the glue will stick it self to the rough edges. I spread glue all over the base and waited until it was a bit sticky (hopefully preventing from to much of the glue from coming through the fabric to the front. I then placed the fabric on it and using my hands made sure that there were no air bubbles as I pressed it together.

Once you have done that I used material for the background.

As can be see in the photo there is a chain that I have attached around the whole sign. I have done this on both ends. This will be covered by the tree trunks made of hessian and will allow me to hang the sign. If you would like to read more please click here.