Models From The Past


I thought you might like to see some of the gourd houses I have made for other people in the past.They are no particular order until the bottom half of the page.
I can not remember which house was made when but I do know that after 15 years of making them I started to get bored and so they were becoming larger and more elaborate until one day at the Mt Tambourine Markets (where I sold my wares) I got all upset and decided that no one would have them and I went home and never went back.

This is my favorite model because it was made for a man who was living in a caravan park. He was missing his daughter as he did not get to see her very ofter.

Many years later I started making them again. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how my work has changed.
Just to let you know that these images are photos of photos as, back then, I did not have a digital camera, I'm not sure if they were even around. So the date you see on the photos is not the date these models were made it is only when I took the photo of the photo.Above is my most favorite house and it is because of why it was built. It was a commission from a man. At the time he was living in a caravan park and was unable to see his daughter as much as he wanted and for that very reason I charged him a pittance. Money is not everything.

This is a house I truly regret ever selling but life is not always as you want it to be and so it had to leave.




I hope you liked the images above but they are not the only houses I made in that time but unfortunately I have lost the photos.

The images below have made by me in the last five years and you can see that I am now a completely different person.

The image below was made for a young lady who likes fairies, reading books and the colour purple. You may just be able to see the book worm hiding under the upturned book on the floor. This is a hanging model.
A Hanging Gourd House with Fairy
Gourd House of Fairy reading a Book

Approx Height 20cm (8in)
Width 15cm (6in)
Side of Gourd House with fairy reading
a book

The Mermaid, was created for a young lady who likes mermaids (of course) painting and the colour blue. The rest was up to me. This was a hanging model. 
The back of the Gourd House for a mermaid
The back of the Mermaid Model
 created out of a Gourd

Miniature Gourd House for a Mermaid
Miniature Model of a
 Mermaid Painting
a Picture
Approx Height 28cm (11in)
Width 17cm (7in)

Back of Gourd House with Fairy creating
a doll
Fairy creating a doll
Gourd House with Fairy
creating a Doll

Approx Height 26cm (10in)
Width 20cm (8in)
The image above is a fairy making a dress for her fairy doll. The lady who commissioned it likes fairies and makes dolls.

The back of the Kitchen created
from a Gourd
The Kitchen created in a Gourd
 Gourd House of Mice in Kitchen baking
Approx height 31cm (12in)
Width 26cm (10in)
The model above was created as a wedding gift. It is on a base rather than a hanging model. It is of two male mice attempting to bake a cake. They manage it in the end but not until they've made a real mess in the kitchen. 

I do not make many houses for other people, they just take soo long, plus I now charge ten times more than I ever did before but then again when you see the difference in the work, well that's your answer as to why.

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