Sunday, 20 September 2015

For Sale - Microspheres

 220 gram bottels of White Microspheres

These tiny microspheres reflect the colour beneath them. I have also found that I can colour them with alchol inks. These do not absorb moisture but do accept colour over the top of them. I then cover them with a sealer to ensure that they stay in place and that any colour added does not wear off.

I am now selling 220 gram bottles of White Microspheres for $10 a bottle.  These fine microspheres can be used to add a bit of bling to your creative project and can (once glued in placed) be coloured using alcohol inks.

Postage (in Australia) is $7.60 no matter where you live because the parcel weighs under 500grams. Please note that it is the same price for the postage for one bottle or two because of the weight. Please contact me on e-mail if you are interested or have any questions.
Payment can be made through Paypal.

Below are some of the uses I have put these microspheres to.  


Friday, 18 September 2015

The Gold Coast Show 2015

The one and only show (at the moment) that I display my miniature fantasy models at is the Gold Coast Show.
 I have displaying my miniature models there for eleven years. It is strange how it seems like it was only a couple of years ago that I met Doug Reiser (the President of the Gold Coast Show) and he asked me to display my models.

Because of this I then met Jeff Gilberthopre of the The IconCollection. If it was not him I would now not have written my first story of the characters living in my miniature fantasy world and started the second.
 If it was not for these two men my life would not be where it is now. Opps I should mention that if it was not for my partner being so tolerant when it comes to my craft (which nearly all consuming) and my writing of course, my life would not be the better for it because from there I have met amazing people.

This year was the second year of displaying my miniature models in the new location at Bundall. This year the new modern pavilion had been built and I was so pleased to display my models in one of the booths.

With the black carpeted booth and the flood lights my models were displayed brilliantly I am assuming that this is why people literally stopped in their tracks and turned to see my models.
Veeleeta's House and The Shadow House

My Donation Box
Two new little models I am making

I have joined a new writing group.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Black Salve - My Forehead

In a crease on my forehead I found that I had been absentmindedly scratching at the area. I realised, one day that I had been doing this for quite a while.
Looking in the mirror there was only a small red spot. (I forgot to take a photo of it)
1st Application
As I had made up some new Black Salve I decided to use it on this spot (this turned out to be the first of four applications) and I got a reaction within 10 minutes of applying it. By the next day it looked like the image below.

 After a few days it had turned crusty

 and then eventually fell out.

I applied the Black Salve with a band-aid, after 12 hours, I could see that the Black Salve had caught something (only small) so I applied a new lot of Black Salve on a band-aid and applied it for another 12 hours. I did not apply any healing ointment until the second day and then from then on. Eventually, after …. Days the eschar had shrunk to half the size and then fell out.
Interestingly, even though, whatever the Black Salve had caught was only small, I had headaches from the first day until it fell out. The headaches were so bad that I used pain killers to help me. As the days went on I could feel that the pain was inside my head rather than across the surface of my forehead.
I then allowed the area to heal using paw paw ointment, comphrey and plantain ointment.

2nd Application:- One day I was sitting down thinking of something and again found myself absentmindedly picking at the area. When I realised what I was doing I noticed that there was a tiny knob (or hard core) in the middle of the same area as before.
I instantly went and applied some Black Salve using a band-aid. I left it on over the night and by the next morning it had caught something again. This time it was not as large as before and it did not seem to be as deep because, as you can see by the photo, the colour is lighter.

 Again I had headaches for days. Again I left it alone for one day and then used paw ointment, comphrey and plantain ointment.

Again I suffered from headaches every day until it fell out and again it shrunk in size by the time it fell out.

3rd Application:- I decided to reapply the Black Salve again just to make sure I had got rid of whatever it was that the Black Salve was reacting to. I repeated the application and left it on for 24hours.
This time I thought it had not caught anything. It was not until the next day that a very small amount of white puss turned up. It was only, say a 1/3rd of the size of the original sore. Again I treated it as I had the other times using the healing ointments and again I had pain but this time only heat in my forehead not the deep pain I had had before.

When the eschar was ready to come off it had shrunk not in length across the surface but the depth had shrunk so that when the eschar came off it was so thin that it was very pale.

4th Application:- I found that the area was still sore whereas when I had attacked and killed the 15 or so other areas on my face that I felt was suspect (and turned out to be) that when they were healed the area did not hurt. That is not what has happened here. So I reapplied Black Salve and left it on overnight.

I am very pleased with how I am applying the Black Salve and using the healing ointments to help heal the area so I do not end up with a large deep hole that then takes months to health, such as I did with my hand – if you want to read about it click here.

I have now found that all the pain has gone except right over the hole, which is expected. I will allow this to heal completely and then apply another just ot make sure it is all gone.