Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Baby Noodles - How Cute!

Look at these aren't they amazing! I bought the lot!
Mini Noodle Sticks in three sizes
Have you ever seen the large Noodles that are used by people in swimming pools? Well now you can get baby noodles. Aren't they brilliant! They come in three sizes. 1cm wide, 1.9cm wide, 3.8cm wide.

At the moment I have been having a go with the 1cm wide noodle sticks and this is one of the things I have made. (see below)

To make these Cut them to the lengths I wanted, rounded off the top with sand paper then stuck a thin piece of wire up inside (it needs to be thicker). I then painted glue onto the pale blue noodle. It doesn't like this idea but I persisted. I then dunked it amongst the micro beads I like to use. These micro beads pick up the colour beneath them.

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