Re-cycle Stuff!

I am a person who believes in good, positive energy which is why I ask people to donate/give me things to build my models. By them giving me these things with a free and happy heart that energy then goes into my models and makes people smile.The models I create are made mostly out of recycled materials and lots of it. I have even had 'thing's' given to me that have been special to someone. 'Thing's' that people don't want to throw away but know that they can not keep either. Such as button collections from great aunt May.
So they send them to me knowing that it will be incorporated into the models that give delight and a warm fuzzy feeling to all the young at heart.'Thing's' that will, if my dream comes true, be placed into a miniature village, a miniature World that will be seen by lots of people and give years of happiness.
A few of the natural items I use to make 'things'.

A selection of artificial items I have been given.
Below I have supplied a list of the items I am looking for, ALTHOUGH it is by no means the only things I am looking for. There are 'things' out there, lurking in drawers and cupboards just waiting to be found and given a new lease on life, and I don't even know they exist, so how can I ask for them. You are the only one that can achieve this so dig into your drawers and unearth something ordinary, something strange and let me make it into some AMAZING!

Some of the 'things' I have made from items given to me by people like you.

 If you have anything that you would like to donate please feel free to do so and my many thanks:-
*Buttons - any sort but do like flat ones
*Paper clay
*Balsa Wood
*Beads - any type
Made from a button I was given.
*Brushes, paint, makeup, shaving
*Candle wick cord
*Charms  - Miniature
*Cork - bottle corks, wine corks, scraps of flat cork
*Costume Jewelry
*Crochet doilies - small pattern
*Dust Caps off artist brushes
*Fabric - tiny prints 
*Faux Fur Fabric only - not real
*Feathers - small
*Fishing line, coloured, thick & thin
*Fishing Flys
*Flower stamens
*Flowers - Dried
*Flowers - Silk or bits if flowers
*Gumnuts - Dried
*Jewelry findings
*Lace - small pattern
*Miniature Doll house items
Made from Yates flower caps.
*Miniature Glass Bottles
*Miniature flowers & plants
*Moss or Fungi - Dried
*N-gauge track pins from mini trains
*Optic Fiber
*Paper & cardboard- Decorative
*Pipe Cleaners
*Plastic Plants or parts
*Plastic models- tiny
*Plastic fish tank plants
*Plastic grapes - any colour, any size
*Polymer clay
*Sands- Coloured
*Seaweed - Dried
*Seeds - hard seed pods
*Scrapbooking- Odds & ends
*Stamps - used
*Toothpaste tube caps, screw on not flip lids
*Wire - thin coloured, florist
*Wool - coloured fleece & knitting
*Wool, thread & cottons
*Anything else you can think of that is small.

I live on the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia if you live there please contact me via e-mail -  and I can come and pick the items up.

I would like to thank you in advance. I can not make these items without the huge amount of things that I find or are given to me.


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