Sunday, 9 August 2015

Stage 14 - Shadow House- Finished


I am soo proud of this house, it is soo different from the others.

At the moment I have put up the day time photos. Tonight I shall take the photos in the dark and put them up later with the lights on.

These images are to show the daylight view and the night time view.

These image show another side of the Shadow House by the day and night.

These images show another side of the Shadow House by the day and night.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Shadow House - Stage 13 - Decorating Fence

Decorating the Fence of the Shadow House
The fence has been made from a Christmas Wreath that was taken apart and re-glued together

This Fence was made from sections of the 'Christmas Wreath fence' and a twisted plastic flower stem.

These three images give you some idea on the decoration I have used on the fence. The items are made from gumnut caps, rubber bands, balloons, silk flowers, plastic flowers,microspheres, micro beads, flocking, wool etc.

How to - Sample Book

I thought you might be interested in something I have been working on- a Sample Book, including a collection of physical samples of the hundreds of different plants, fungi and creatures I have designed over the many years of making my miniature models.
Below is one page from my new Sample Book and a photo of the finished Physical Sample that I am keeping to one side as a reference so I can look at it in the round if I ever wanted to make it again.
Sample Page of how I made the Yellow Fungi out of a plastic bath mat.
The finished Physical Sample to be kept for reference.
I am doing this because the one thing I had forgotten to do was keep a record of each one. Oh I have the original designs (a lot I haven't even made yet) and the photos of them all BUT not a description of how they were made and from what. If I wanted to go back and remake something and needed to work out how that was done I would have to go hunting all over the models to find an example of the item and then work it out. Not all the items I make are simple so this would take a lot of wasted time.