Thursday, 19 January 2012

How Is My Story Going You May Well Ask

I am pleased to announce that I have received my story back from having its grammar checked. I am now re-hashing it. I have not seen the beginning of my story for many months and I am glad that only a small amount of it needed to be changed due to the changes in comas and fullstops and added suggestions.
I have twenty seven chapters to go through and I have reviewed them all and I am now waiting to go away for three weeks.
When I review a chapter I am only looking at it from that chapters point of view. When all twenty seven are done THEN I will read the book from one end to the next as a whole. I will then be able to pick out any flaws and see if any of the flows are not working.
When I go away for a few weeks I will be working on the emotion of the total book. I believe I have most of this all sorted but I just want to be sure. I'm very fortunate to able to go and sit down at Philip Island with the penguins for eight days and just read the story out to loud and MAKE sure I have all the emotion and emphasis that I can create at this time in my writing career. I've decided to get a voice recorder so that I can listen to what I am saying just in case I say something I can not remember. I don't like using these machines but I think it is necessary and I should stop being so precious.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Creative People - Mathew Albnese

In my usual trawling of the images on the web I came across the work of Mathew Albense.
At first I thought the image was just a photo but then I decided there was something different about it and so I went looking. I'm soo glad I did.

I bet you can not work out that this is actually a minature model and you'll never guess what it is made out of.

The following photos are of how Mathew created the piece of work. The model is made out of steel wool, ground parsley and moss!

This is only one image of the amazing creations this man creates.

I have received permission from Mathew Albanese to put a link up to his face book which is here. To see more of his work go to Google Images.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Other Peoples Blog's - Marlin Peterson

This is the first time I have done this but I came across this person's blog and I have just found the whole thing amazing.

Most people deal with their ordinary daily lives. This persons life and what he does is extrodianary and so I thought I would put a link to it here.

I was going to say something about what this person does but it is better if I let him tell you. (This is from his blog) "Marlin has been engaged in all styles of graphic imagery since he was very young.  From cartooning to science illustration he is also fluent in all manners of media, both traditional and digital.  He is at home illustrating the unseen sagas of the world of insects and arachnids, prehistoric mammals, and caricatures of people.
When he dreams, it is of ever larger canvases.
His goals include painting a series of large paintings showcasing the staggeringly different eye arrangement of spiders, creating a huge hyper-realistic mold and model of a “harvestman” arachnid (opiliones), and a graphic novel about the first contact between the 3 foot high humanoids who lived on the Indonesian island of Flores and modern-day humans that displaced them."

Books I Have Read - Hugo Pepper

This book is rather interesting in that I didn't think I would like it but I was surprised that I did.
I found the story very clever in that it starts with a little baby being placed infront of the door step of a couple that live in the snowy mountains. Two giant foot prints are there as well. Eventually Hugo finds out that these people are not his family and descides to go looking for his real parents.

He lands in a town that has many people (each one given their own chapter to tell their story). It turns out that each of the people he meets had something to do with his parents. He finds out how his parents were killed. He grows to love all the people but descides he must return to his other parents.
Just as he is about to leave he finds that a cruel man is keeping the snow monsters (that have huge feet and tiny bodies) hostage so they can run his newspaper business. This cruel man is also buying up all the houses in the town and throwing the people out on the streets. It turns out the man is looking for the hidden treasure.
Hugo eventually saves the day by freeing the snow monsters and finding the hidden treasure so that the resisdenace of the town can save their houses.

I loved the clever way the story had so many many sides and little stories within the larger overall story but how, in the end, all the circles joined up and I always love a happy ending.