Monday, 2 November 2015

CRAFT SUPPLIES FOR SALE! To sell or not to sell?


With three craft room's you can imagine that I would have some 'things' hidden in them that I do not actually need and as I am on the hunt for money I thought  "Why not sell some of it?"

Why am I on the hunt for money? Good question, because I have finished my fantasy novel (finally, it has only taken 8 years). Anyway because there is not a fairy or a witch in site in my novel, only creatures I have invented, I thought (after talking it over with a well known author) that it would be a good idea to have some drawings (illustrations) that could be sent with it to the agent I have chosen (granted they do not know I have chosen them put I will put it out to the universe if all goes to plan... well you will know the rest one day. Anyway this is the reason I am on the hunt for money. Illustrators, good ones, are not cheap and as I consider it soo very important to have an illustrator that can be the advantage, a benefit,  a reason for someone to pick up your book and read it, buy it, hence it is worth the money a person has to pay to him or her.
So far I have been able to have some posters made up by Aaron Pocock.
With this in mind, I started selling "stuff" through Facebook Groups. This was successful to a point. If any of you have had dealings with Facebook Groups you will know how difficult it is to snag a sale. I consider it like fishing. You happen to put up a post at the same time a person just happens to be looking through the group and just happens to see your post and just happens to be wanting what you are selling. And then there are the RULES! I'm not very good at following rules and I suppose I should have known that I would, eventually, not be able to put up with it so hence I started my own Facebook Page to sell my craft supplies. In the end I choose not to do this either because of the shear amount of time it took to earn a couple of dollars. I deleted everything I had done and went back to my job of maintaining fish ponds.

Now I have not completely given up my idea, as I still want an illustrator, but I am going to have a go at selling everything at a BIG craft show. So I have to package everything up (which is a lot) see how much it will cost to get a stand in a BIG craft show and see if, at the end of it, I will actually make some money if I sold it all. Few! I will let you know how I go.
 Well I am back to tell you that all things were put on hold because the roof of my craft room gave way. If you would like to read about it click here. So anyway the stuff I do have left has been put up on shelves and will have to sit there for a while as I have a school to go to with my models, I have a couple of shows to do and get three of my models ready for a three month display at Lollipop Land.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

For Sale - Microspheres

 220 gram bottels of White Microspheres

These tiny microspheres reflect the colour beneath them. I have also found that I can colour them with alchol inks. These do not absorb moisture but do accept colour over the top of them. I then cover them with a sealer to ensure that they stay in place and that any colour added does not wear off.

I am now selling 220 gram bottles of White Microspheres for $10 a bottle.  These fine microspheres can be used to add a bit of bling to your creative project and can (once glued in placed) be coloured using alcohol inks.

Postage (in Australia) is $7.60 no matter where you live because the parcel weighs under 500grams. Please note that it is the same price for the postage for one bottle or two because of the weight. Please contact me on e-mail if you are interested or have any questions.
Payment can be made through Paypal.

Below are some of the uses I have put these microspheres to.  


Friday, 18 September 2015

The Gold Coast Show 2015

The one and only show (at the moment) that I display my miniature fantasy models at is the Gold Coast Show.
 I have displaying my miniature models there for eleven years. It is strange how it seems like it was only a couple of years ago that I met Doug Reiser (the President of the Gold Coast Show) and he asked me to display my models.

Because of this I then met Jeff Gilberthopre of the The IconCollection. If it was not him I would now not have written my first story of the characters living in my miniature fantasy world and started the second.
 If it was not for these two men my life would not be where it is now. Opps I should mention that if it was not for my partner being so tolerant when it comes to my craft (which nearly all consuming) and my writing of course, my life would not be the better for it because from there I have met amazing people.

This year was the second year of displaying my miniature models in the new location at Bundall. This year the new modern pavilion had been built and I was so pleased to display my models in one of the booths.

With the black carpeted booth and the flood lights my models were displayed brilliantly I am assuming that this is why people literally stopped in their tracks and turned to see my models.
Veeleeta's House and The Shadow House

My Donation Box
Two new little models I am making

I have joined a new writing group.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Black Salve - My Forehead

In a crease on my forehead I found that I had been absentmindedly scratching at the area. I realised, one day that I had been doing this for quite a while.
Looking in the mirror there was only a small red spot. (I forgot to take a photo of it)
1st Application
As I had made up some new Black Salve I decided to use it on this spot (this turned out to be the first of four applications) and I got a reaction within 10 minutes of applying it. By the next day it looked like the image below.

 After a few days it had turned crusty

 and then eventually fell out.

I applied the Black Salve with a band-aid, after 12 hours, I could see that the Black Salve had caught something (only small) so I applied a new lot of Black Salve on a band-aid and applied it for another 12 hours. I did not apply any healing ointment until the second day and then from then on. Eventually, after …. Days the eschar had shrunk to half the size and then fell out.
Interestingly, even though, whatever the Black Salve had caught was only small, I had headaches from the first day until it fell out. The headaches were so bad that I used pain killers to help me. As the days went on I could feel that the pain was inside my head rather than across the surface of my forehead.
I then allowed the area to heal using paw paw ointment, comphrey and plantain ointment.

2nd Application:- One day I was sitting down thinking of something and again found myself absentmindedly picking at the area. When I realised what I was doing I noticed that there was a tiny knob (or hard core) in the middle of the same area as before.
I instantly went and applied some Black Salve using a band-aid. I left it on over the night and by the next morning it had caught something again. This time it was not as large as before and it did not seem to be as deep because, as you can see by the photo, the colour is lighter.

 Again I had headaches for days. Again I left it alone for one day and then used paw ointment, comphrey and plantain ointment.

Again I suffered from headaches every day until it fell out and again it shrunk in size by the time it fell out.

3rd Application:- I decided to reapply the Black Salve again just to make sure I had got rid of whatever it was that the Black Salve was reacting to. I repeated the application and left it on for 24hours.
This time I thought it had not caught anything. It was not until the next day that a very small amount of white puss turned up. It was only, say a 1/3rd of the size of the original sore. Again I treated it as I had the other times using the healing ointments and again I had pain but this time only heat in my forehead not the deep pain I had had before.

When the eschar was ready to come off it had shrunk not in length across the surface but the depth had shrunk so that when the eschar came off it was so thin that it was very pale.

4th Application:- I found that the area was still sore whereas when I had attacked and killed the 15 or so other areas on my face that I felt was suspect (and turned out to be) that when they were healed the area did not hurt. That is not what has happened here. So I reapplied Black Salve and left it on overnight.

I am very pleased with how I am applying the Black Salve and using the healing ointments to help heal the area so I do not end up with a large deep hole that then takes months to health, such as I did with my hand – if you want to read about it click here.

I have now found that all the pain has gone except right over the hole, which is expected. I will allow this to heal completely and then apply another just ot make sure it is all gone.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Stage 14 - Shadow House- Finished


I am soo proud of this house, it is soo different from the others.

At the moment I have put up the day time photos. Tonight I shall take the photos in the dark and put them up later with the lights on.

These images are to show the daylight view and the night time view.

These image show another side of the Shadow House by the day and night.

These images show another side of the Shadow House by the day and night.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Shadow House - Stage 13 - Decorating Fence

Decorating the Fence of the Shadow House
The fence has been made from a Christmas Wreath that was taken apart and re-glued together

This Fence was made from sections of the 'Christmas Wreath fence' and a twisted plastic flower stem.

These three images give you some idea on the decoration I have used on the fence. The items are made from gumnut caps, rubber bands, balloons, silk flowers, plastic flowers,microspheres, micro beads, flocking, wool etc.

How to - Sample Book

I thought you might be interested in something I have been working on- a Sample Book, including a collection of physical samples of the hundreds of different plants, fungi and creatures I have designed over the many years of making my miniature models.
Below is one page from my new Sample Book and a photo of the finished Physical Sample that I am keeping to one side as a reference so I can look at it in the round if I ever wanted to make it again.
Sample Page of how I made the Yellow Fungi out of a plastic bath mat.
The finished Physical Sample to be kept for reference.
I am doing this because the one thing I had forgotten to do was keep a record of each one. Oh I have the original designs (a lot I haven't even made yet) and the photos of them all BUT not a description of how they were made and from what. If I wanted to go back and remake something and needed to work out how that was done I would have to go hunting all over the models to find an example of the item and then work it out. Not all the items I make are simple so this would take a lot of wasted time.

Friday, 24 July 2015

How to:- Remove Hot Glue from fabric

I shall be moving this post to a Page  titled HOW TO:- The aim of the Page will be to place tips and tricks I have either learnt or heard about in the hope that some or one of them will help you with your project.
The first How To article is about removing dried Hot Glue from fabric.
The main ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol found in rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud.
As can been seen in the video supplied* and the photos** the removal of the Dried Hot Glue Stick Glue is soo easy it astonished me the first time I tried it.

What I have found when using this method on silk rose petals:-

First:- The thicker the glue to be removed the better. Upon using the cotton bud to apply the Isopropyl Alcohol to the area with the dried glue, (do ONLY one section at a time),wait 10 seconds and then with either your fingernail of the tip of a knife you can pick the blob of glue off and it leaves no trace.
Use Isopropyl alcohol to removed glue.
Soak one spot at a time with alcohol.

After 10 seconds pick at the glue with either finger nail or tip of knife.

Glue pulls off cleanly.

Second:- When dealing with thin scrappy bits of dried glue then it becomes a bit trickier. First you apply the Isopropyl Alcohol to one small section at a time, wait 10 or 15 seconds and then using the end of a pointy knife and stretching the fabric with your fingers to keep the fabric taught, scape the glue off. This may have to be done many times as can be seen in the images supplied.

Silk rose petals with dried hot glue on both sides. By using a cotton bud soaked in Isoprophy alcohol you can see the before and after.


Reference:- * The video was found on and put on by John Mangan (siliconghost)
** The other images are mine (Nicola Tierney) - All images within the blog can be shared for your own personnel use BUT CAN NOT be used in any commercial endeavor.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Books I Have Read - The Railway Children

The Railway Children
E. Nesbit

This story was first published in 1906 by Wells Gardner, Darron & Co.  Published in Puffin Books in 1960. Re-printed in 1963, 1965, 1967 (twice), 1968, 1970 (twice), 1971 (twice), 1972 (twice), 1973, 1974 (twice), 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 (twice)

This story has appeared as a television series and has been made into a film.

I liked two things about this story. The first was the story line. Again it is a story with a happy ending. It is a story with an awful lot going on. There is a secret that you know nothing about until the end. The second is the way E. Nesbit speaks to the reader. I am a fan of this style but I have been told that it is frowned upon these days. I should also say that there is another thing I like, the details. I love stories with lots of detail. Detail about the characters, the emotions, landscapes, the reasons why – which is the background into why the family is in the position it is and how they get out of it. This makes for a long story but I don’t mind that.

I love the way Nesbit has been able to make the ‘voices’ of each character their own. She has a real knack of being able to show how even though there are times when the children niggle and argue with each other, in the end they are a family who love and care for each other and the other people around them.
The story is based in England and revolves around the children’s father being taken away by some men one night and not returning until the last chapter. The children and the reader never know why. Because of this, the life the family, Mother, Roberta (Bobby), Peter and Phyllis (Phil), had, has gone and they are forced to move to the country and live in a cottage called Three Chimney’s near a railway. The servants are gone, the niceties of life are gone and the money is disappearing and they are struggling.
Their mother spends her days writing, writing, writing. She is writing to anyone who will listen to her about her husband’s plight and getting nowhere. She is writing stories to sell to newspapers and magazines to bring in some desperately needed money. She also home schools the children and helps them and attempts to keep them happy. 

The children have lots of time to explore the nearby railway station and many other parts of the countryside. This means they encounter lots of people and help all of them in some way. They stop what would have been a terrible train accident from happening. They save a baby from a fire, a young man who broke his leg in a railway tunnel. This young man (Jim) turns out to be the grandson of the ‘Old Gentleman’ they had been waving to as he travelled on the train every day.
I find it interesting how Mother keeps the devastating situation their family is in a secret from everyone, except Aunt Emma, until her daughter Roberta sees a newspaper article about her father’s arrest. Even then it is only Roberta who knows, the other children are not to be told. This is when Roberta contacts the Old Gentleman for help.
I also found it interesting that the children never seem to ask what has happened to their father, they just accept everything. They accept him leaving, them moving to the county, them suddenly being poor. I am sure the children of today would not take these circumstances so calmly. They would question everything.
The reader learns how Roberta is worried about her mother but does not ask why she is working so hard but if it was not for her the doctor would not have been fetched when her mother gets very sick. Their Mother does not want anyone helping them or knowing that they are poor but fortunately the children have other ideas. In the end this means that the Old Gentleman helps to prove their father innocent and released from jail.

Books I Have Read - The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree 
Ruth Chew 

Published in 1980 by Scholastic Book Services. Printed in Australia by Hedges & Bell Pty Ltd.

This a small book for younger readers. 

It is about two children, Peggy (Peg) and Brian, ages unknown but they are old enough to walk two blocks to Prospect Park. The park is located in a town or city in the USA. The story starts with the children leaving the park just as the sky is turning pink as the sun starts to set. As they head for the exit they see an old beech tree with what looks like ‘little faces peering out of it’. A bird sings in its branches even though it is November and old woman, sitting on a stone bench with a shopping bag next to her, was watching the bird. A striped grey cat suddenly runs out of the bag. Now remember the cat as he is important as is what is in the shopping bag.

The cat follows the children home but this is no ordinary cat, this is a cat that can talk. It is also a cat that leads the children into a magical land.  He does this by taking them back to the old beech tree. There they find the old lady feeding a mockingbird on a blue tablecloth. She runs away taking the tablecloth with her. The cat runs behind the tree. The bird tells them he has gone inside the tree and the children follow. 

Nothing is as it seems in this story. The tree is not an ordinary tree, it is a wishing tree and as the children find out it is dangerous to wish for things you don’t really want. The old lady is homeless but she is a thief. The blue tablecloth is not just a tablecloth. The box the children find at the bottom of a pond holds something precious. The cat, as I have said, is no ordinary cat, for one thing he likes watching television. One thing or person I should say, that is definitely not what it seems is the giant. It is not a giant and why is he not a giant because he is an ordinary man who wished to be big and he was. 

But wishes do come true, the giant become his normal human size again after a year of being a giant and following the children and the cat through the beech tree they go from brilliant sunshine into freezing cold snow. Laying on the ground, in the snow, is the old lady.  Fred, who was the giant, picks up the lady, who is not soo old, and carries her and the blue tablecloth back into his own magical land, back into the sunshine. Meanwhile the cat goes and lives with the children because, well because as he says, “Magic is all very well, Peggy. But that tablecloth never brought forth anything to compare with your mother’s pot roast.”
I liked this story, again another happy ending with a bit of a moral, I suppose. Be careful what you wish for, you might actually get it.