Art Dolls

I have been creating Art Dolls for many years. I am not sure when it started. I suppose my fascination in dolls grew on me. I went to doll show after doll show and poured over all the amazing dolls and not so amazing dolls. Eventually I found I was attracted to dolls that were different. Hence when I came across a leaflet saying that Robert McKinley was coming to Australia. Coming to Brisbane! Well I just had to go. So I handed over my hard earned cash and had the honour of being taught by one of most talented doll artists I had heared of at the time. (I have decided, when I have the time, to put up the photos I have of this man and his work). 
Robert McKinley and Me
Robert McKinly and Me at the seminar
in Brisbane

Robert McKinley and one of beautiful dolls
Robert McKinly and one of
his dolls
Van Craig Art Dolls (I would have loved to have put up a link but I can not find anything suitable so I have scanned in a picture instead just to let you see why I love his work so much.) 
Art Doll- One of Van Craig's amazing dolls
One of Van Criag's amazing
I count myself fortunate to have collected images of his work when I did because I can find hardly anything about the man and his work on the web.
I can not remember if I had seen his work before Robert's or after all I do know is that I knew I was not 'free' enough within my self to make something like Van Craig's. My daughter said it was because it didn't 'flow' through me like my models do.

As my interest grew I started to sell my work and came across N.O.D.A.A.A ( National Original Doll Association.) I joined and was heavily involved in it for approx five years. I have been away from it for many many years now and do not even know if it is still in existence.

I did, for a time, teach doll making and went to the shows but my life has changed and I have always wanted to create my village and so now my focus is on that. Even so I admire the amazing people out there who create works of fantasy and freedom.
 Eventually I became a bit braver with my work, a bit freer with my style and I slowly started creating different dolls. Below are some photos of the work that I have created over the years you can see how the style has changed.
Art Doll-I love the vast array of fabrics, colours & beads in this doll

Art Doll-I love this doll. I am amazed I have been able to create her
This style of doll was created in 2010
and as far as I am concerned shows how
free I am feeling within myself.

Art Doll-Japanese style made out of paper clay and silk
This doll was made as a payment for a debt
I owed someone. It is a real shame that this
is the only photo I have of her.
I must admit I could have made
lots like her except that my heart
lies with my models.

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