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This is a list of the Schools, Shows and Community Groups I have visited over the years.

This page is under construction. I am taking old posts and putting them altogether on the one page)
I shall place information about the shows, school visits and talks given to community groups about my miniature models over the years. It will take me a little bit of time to find all the info and shrink the images to allow them onto the web.
Silkwood School - Nerang - 2012 
My Visit to Silkwood School
     I would like to thank the school for allowing me to come and show my models to just over 50 - 60 children. (depending on the year). I had been asked so my models could give the children inspiration for the houses they themselves would be making for the Winter Solstice celebrations they would be holding later in the year.
     They were most interested in my models and asked stacks of questions from why was Archibald an echidna and not a hedgehog,- the answer - he's Australian, to the lights. They were fascinated in how the models were lit up.
     The children were given gourds to touch and feel and I showed them other objects I had made from gourds. I also left each of them a packet of gourd seeds and instructions to grow.
      I had a lovely time thank you.
Silkwood School - Nerang - 2012. I took three models            

Silkwood School 2013 - two different classes
This was the first time that I gave a talk to two groups of students. I was amazed at how many questions the children had. I had two models on display.

Silkwood School 2014 - two different classes.
Silkwood School 2014 two different classes. I had three models on display.

Gold Coast Show

Gold Coast Show 2012
Well I'm at the Gold Coast Show at Parklands. I'm all set up and I had a wonderful day yesterday.
I am very pleased with the display this year.
 I was eventually put back in the space I had been in the year before. This space works well for me as to the left of this picture there is a set of stairs that lead down to a section called "The Men's Shed." To the right of this picture is the eating area and in front of me (behind me taking the picture) is booths selling all sorts of lovely things. I hope to be able to have the time to see them. There is one stand that is talking about bees and if we have none we will have no food. I would like to tell them what Albert Einstein said, which was when the last bee dies the world has four years before it to dies.
Anyway to get back to something more pleasant below is a photo of the type of crowds I had all day!

Well the show is over for another year and I would like to say that I had a great time. I met some interesting people and was given some more stuff which is ALWAYS great. Even though I have hundreds of people promising to give me things the reality is I'm luckiy if one or two people a year bother to actually give me anything. It is the way of the world everyone is soo busy with their own lives.

I sold several of my blank houses and, most interesting, I have had lots of people wanting to do 'parties' for children. It is a new concept that I did not understand but it turns out that for, say for two hours the children would decorate (make) something then they would have their party. This creates a challenge for me to supply something that people can afford. It is also a challenge as their would be 10 or 15 children at a time. There was one lady who had 50 children to cater to. Can you just imagine!

A blank gourd house that was sold
One of the blank gourd houses that sold on the weekend.
   While I'm at the shows I like to make something and so this year I started a new hanging house.

This is a four year old house. This is the last house I had started when I ran out of 'moss' (wool). The company stopped making it. It then took me two years to find something that looked similar. I had already started to decorate the model when I remembered that I should have taken a photo.
  When I started decorating this model at the show it already had its shingles and some 'moss' and the rag vines stuck onto it. By the end of the show it looked like this.

Gold Coast Show 2013

Gold Coast Show at Parklands 30th August to 1st September 2013.

Robina View Club - 2013
I would like to thank Jen Newman, the President, for inviting me to the Robina View Club yesterday. I was asked to give a talk about Gourds and my Miniature Models.
Me giving my talk about Gourds and My Miniature Models
Note to self:- don't wear a top that makes you look like your
pregnant when you're not!
First the ladies, who do such an outstanding job raising money to help children less fortunate than themselves, held their meeting.
We then had a lovely morning tea and then I presented my talk.
I explained what gourds where, how I became involved with them and where I want to go in the future. I also told the ladies about the classes that I am now holding. I answered the questions some of the 40 odd ladies that were present asked.
Many people came up to me afterwards and said that they were impressed with my models and took some leaflets explaining the donations of 'stuff' that I ask for all the time. I NEVER have enough stuff.

I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to attend it was brilliant!

Mudgeeraba Show 2013 (photos to come)

29th of June to the 30th.
I am just finishing off the model that I started last year as I like people to see it finished. I then need somehting to do through the show as people like to see what I'm up to.    
       If you would like to come and say hello that would be great. If you would like to bring me some 'stuff' that would be great to. If so please look to the list I have supplied on my blog so you can see the type of things I am looking for.
Please click here to be taken to the list.

Orchid Show - Canungra- 2014 (photos to come)

Orchid Show - Broadbeach - 2014 (photos to come)

Greenbank Show

Canungra State School 100th Celebration

Railway Show - Brisbane

Miniature Show  - Broadbeach

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