Thursday, 29 March 2012

Black Salve Results - Hand

After the success of killing the sun cancer(?) on my forehead I started on any others I could find. So far there have been three tiny tiny ones on my top lip. One in my eyebrow (approx 2mils across). Three on my forehead (approx 2mils across each one). Then I found myself absentmindedly picking at something on my hand and I thought I'll just put some Black Salve on it and find out what is what.

The image above is as follows. The image on the right is the first result. The first night the hand hurt so much I had to keep it up on my shoulder and take pain killers. By the next day it was fine. I kept Comfrey on it and in five days my body had absorbed it and I was left with a thin scab and some puss under it when I took the top off. I did that because it was obvious that I was not going to get a small lump that was going to fall out like normal. This was the Comfrey's doing..

I found that in the middle there was a little pussy core that refused to go away.
I put McArthurs paw paw ointment on, alternating with Rose Hip Oil and within a few days it had healed up.

I went and picked up more Black Salve from a person who had been told by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (FDA) to stop selling it or else. I was told they had already raided a persons place up north somewhere because the person was saying that it cured cancer. (Or at least that is what I think the reason is). I was also told that where I had read on websites that Black Salve was legal to use with animals I was told it is not.

Even so I am VERY pleased that I have this product as I have been to skin clinics and not one doctor picked up what was sitting under my skin.

Now to tell you about the image on the left. After my hand had got better I could tell that it was not fixed so I put some more Black Salve on. Within half a day I had the tingle and then when I pressed on the bandaid I could see that I had caught something.
In the morning. I changed my bandaid and put new stuff on because I had had a shower and the water had washed the salve off. What was under it was similar to the first go I had done many days ago.

I waited the 24hours and when I took the bandaid off the dead area was bigger and deeper than before and I knew I really had caught it this time. Over the next seven days my hand hurt so much I needed to keep taking pain killers and keep my hand up against my chest.

I kept my hand bandaged with Calandula on (only because I have given my mum my Comfrey.) On the sixth day I purchased some more Comfrey and found that the pain went away.

On the sixth day it was looking pretty uk and I kept saying to myself 'Take a Photo' but I never did. I cleaned the area by wiping the Comfrey off and got a pair of tweezers and touched the area in the middle. It was very hard. I then noticed that some skin was sitting up and so I pulled on it. The whole of the outside ring came off like the plastic on the medicine bottles. Underneath the hard core had come away from the skin but did not want to come out.

This morning I pulled it out with tweezers. Hence why it is bleeding in the photo. The blob on the right is the hard core that came out of it. I wish I had a better camera so I could show you how deep this thing was. It is about 2-3mil deep. I know it says don't pull these things out but I just wasn't sure if my body was going to try to absorb this thing again and I didn't want that!

I have it wrapped in Comfrey again and I know that with it, McArthurs Paw Paw ointment and Rose Oil all will be well.

On the image on the left I have draw in three black lines. They are to show you how far the pain went down into my hand. I am soo glad that this thing is out.

If you see my other blog on this subject you will see that Black Salve does not cause a reaction UNLESS there is something there. I NEVER guessed that I had such a problem.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Horror of Horrors

Horror of horrors I have too many words. I am up to my 14th chapter in my last edit and now I find I have too many words!

I suppose the problem is that all this time I have been keeping my chapters separate and now I am adding them together, like a rolling train, as if they were a book. It is only know that I can see a word count.

I have kept records of word counts before but of course that was sort of ten edits ago! I couldn't see the point. I just wanted to write my story and delete words if necessary latter. It is NECESSARY!

I have over 50,000 words and I still have 13 chapters to go!

But don't panic I haven't done all this work just to let words get in my way.

UPDATE - 27th March 2012

I have completed deleting words from my story. I've deleted 18,021 words which means I have a total of 79,707 words left. Still too many.

I have now reprinted the new version and have started again. I want to make sure that the story still flows and if possible delete a few more words.

I have just completed the 1st chapter and was able to get rid of another 260 words. Annoying though because I had to get rid of the floating blue dots.

I did actually find deleting this many words extremely upsetting and I do feel that some of the subtle things I was telling the reader are now gone and so, IF I am able in the future, I would like to print an un-cut version of my story.

I can only hope that I will be able to even if I have to pay for it myself. It is the only thing that keeps me going, well, plus the fact that I know if I don't get rid of these words no one will publish the book.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

I Sat Upon A Rock

I sat upon a rock and came up with a new beginning for my story. It all started the night before. I was walking back to our tent late at night. It was the 26th of February 2012. The wind was howling through the she oaks, the shadows were everywhere when suddenly the world seemed to stop and sounds seemed to switch off.

Words, hundreds of words came streaming into my mind and I could see them writing themselves into a new beginning of my story. Then they switched off, the wind was back, the lights of the campsite were on and I thought, 'Strewth! What was that all about!"

I rushed back to our tent and scrabbled around for a torch, paper and pen but was only able to write down half a dozen words. I knew there were more, lots more but I couldn't remember them. I went to bed. Yes surely if I settled I would remember but no that didn't work. I got up and sat out side but again no the words wouldn't come.
In the morning I went and sat on rock.

Three house later I had a new beginning of my story. The only thing I can put all of this down to was that somewhere niggling away in my sub-conscious was the idea that my story should not start with words.
I don't mean words. I mean words, you now a conversation, someone saying something and so I figured my mind had finally decided that the beginning of my story needed, had to be, MUST be changed and da da there you are. A new beginning. Most extraordinary.

I suppose you might like to know why I was on Phillip Island (Victoria) in the first place. Garry, my partner, is a volunteer flag Marshall for the World Super Bikes and he goes to Phillip Island at least once or twice a year for different events. I didn't go with him last year but this year I needed to get away so that I could finish my story. This I have done! Yay! I'm on my last edit.

If you saw my scribbles over some of the paperwork you would understand why I have to re-read and re-read my work on the computer once I've put it on. I found that some of my so-called last edits still needed three or five goings over untill I was happy with them.

I am extremely pleased to say that I have completely, definitely finished nine chapters out of twenty seven. I am also extremely pleased with my story. I believe that at this time in my life it is the best story I could come up with. Maybe if I keep writting I will be better but I like it and really that is all that matters. I have treated my story the way I treat my models. I write my stories for myself just as I build my models for myself.

I intend to have it finished, with its synopsis by the end of March 2012.