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The aim of this page will be to place tips and tricks I have either learnt or heard about in the hope that some or one of them will help you with your project.
The first How To article is about - Removal of Dried Hot Glue.
Full article here.

The main ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol found in rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud.
As can been seen in the video supplied* and the photos** the removal of the Dried Hot Glue Stick Glue is soo easy it astonished me the first time I tried it.
To see the article please go to here:-
 From this on the left to the image below. The petals still need some extra works because the glue is very thin and scrappy but I thought the results good enough to show.


How to:- Sample Book.
I have started making a Sample Book of the hundreds of plants, fungi and creatures I have made for my miniature models over the many years. If you would like to see the full article click here.

This is the finished Referance Sample of a Yellow Fungi made from a plastic bath mat.

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