Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Craft Room Grows Up

My craft room has grown up and becomes a studio. Well one of them has anyway. I have two rooms but the other one is more like a store room for my models and it is so full up that I can't get in there. It also means I can't get the 'things' that are in it out. This is something I'll have to sort out but not now. It has taken a long time to get this room set up.
My new desk where I will create amazing things. Well I like to think so anyway
This lovely desk was given to me by some friends and it really makes the room feel like a studio. I'm going to be able to create lots of interesting stuff in this room.

With me, and I would think it would be the same for everyone else, I like to surround myself in the things I like. I am going to see about putting some of the pictures of Van Craig's dolls up on the blinds. I have my models around and I'd like to get my portfolios in there somewhere but I don't want to clutter the place up. I used to able to work with my stuff everywhere but now I need it tidy.

I keep my beads, greeting cards and the Kitchen of Pebble Cottage here
I keep most of my beads on these shelves.
I find, for me that the state of my studio, my house and my garden all represent my state of mind. Everything is fine untill I get stressed and then watch out. Everything gets picked up and placed any old how and months later when things are better and I open my eyes think. Strueth!

I was given, by some friends, the wooden rotating CD staker which I have used for craft. I love it.

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