Thursday, 18 August 2011

My trip to nowhere and back again

I'm back. I know you did even know I'd left. When I have more time I'll put up some photos of what I have done and where I have been for the last two weeks. I've had an amazing time and have seen  and done things I have NEVER done before. ALWAYS a positive thing to do to move away and move up from where you are now if you want to change your life and move it in a different direction. (Something I'm attempting to do. Move my life towards my BIG dream)

While I was away I worked on my story. I wrote every day for 5-6 hours and a few days ago, the 15th August 2011 at 5.12 pm I could finally say THE END!

Of course that is only on paper. I am now transcribing my snakes and ladders gibberish onto the computer so that I can eventually print it and send the whole lot off to a friend of mine so he can go through the grammar.

I will then fix whatever it is I'm told to fix. I will in the meantime create a synopsis, a cover letter, a list of potential pictures with their locations, a time line of the story and a break up of each chapter.

I find it VERY beneficial to go away like this and be able to sit and go through the whole story from one end to the other. In my case because I was changing points of views in some chapters, removing some characters and replacing them with someone else. Ensuring that all my chapters flowed. Combining some chapters, splitting others up.

I am extremely pleased with my story and I know that later I will sit back and say struthe I should have done that better but at the moment I am extremely pleased with it.

For the next three weeks I have to build as many small miniature houses as I possibly can because I shall be at the Gold Coast Show and I am allowed to sell my houses for the first time. I shall be creating houses that are less complex and thereby will be a lot cheaper. I am also going to create basic bases so that people can create their own house. They will be sold for $50.00. When the show is finished I shall be putting them on my blog to see if anyone is interested in purchasing them.

I will see you later I have work, work, work to do.

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