Monday, 12 September 2011

Brisbane Writers Festival

I was VERY fortunate to be given a free ticket to attend the Brisbane Writers Festival. I attended the talk on 'Publishing in the young adult & children's market.'
There were five speakers.
Farrin Jacobs - International Editorial Director, Harper Collins Children's Books, New York,
Emily Rodda - Five time winner of the Children's Book Council of Australia of the Year Award.
Tristan Bancks - One of Australia's most popular and successful writers for young people.
Kristina Schulz - Children's Publisher for UQP.
Gaby Naher - Literary Agent. (Sophie Hamley was suppose to be the guest but had to pull out due to sickness).

The whole experience was well worth traveling from the Gold Coast to the Brisbane Art Gallery. I learnt some new things. After three years of learning as much as I can it is amazing that there are still 'things' to learn.

A couple of weeks ago I had asked the universe a question and that question was 'How do I protect my rights?'

A week later I received (out of the blue) a free ticket to the Brisbane Writers Festival and I knew I would get my answer. I thought I would get it from Farrin Jacobs but it proved not to be. I received it from Emily Rodda.

The answer was to NEVER give up my copyright. It MUST be stated in ANY contract you are to sign that 'you (the author) are the sole owner of the copyright of the work you have produced.' Those words will not appear in that exact way but that is what it means. Your contract MUST say that you have the copyright of your work.

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