Wednesday, 20 February 2013

STUDENT:- BIANCA 2nd model

STUDENT:- BIANCA 2nd model
Bianca wanted to create another model and due to lack of time as it needed to be ready for a birthday of a niece she chose to use a pre-made gourd.

Bianca has started with pre-made model. The model was painted
 black before I remembered I was suppose to be talking a photo.
Bianca's idea was to have a fairy and books because the little girl who was going to be receiving this gift loved both.
Now to ensure that the fairy, with its wings, could fit into the house it was necessary to have it sitting. She also made the legs sit to the side this made the whole fairy fit the space.
This also allowed for some furniture in the back ground.

Bianca added one light (overhead) which shined down onto the book the fairy was reading.

This is the finished inside of the model. It has
one light inside and several optic fiber plants
on the outside.

This is the finished outside of the mode.
Can you see the spider made from a
pistachio shell and the snail made out of
a Christmas bell?
This house was given as a birthday gift to a little girl who just loved it.
Isn't that just brilliant!

This house took 27.5 hrs to build from a pre-made gourd house.
The cost of each lesson was $15hr.
The gourd house cost $25.00.
Lights cost $10.

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