Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How to - Sample Book

I thought you might be interested in something I have been working on- a Sample Book, including a collection of physical samples of the hundreds of different plants, fungi and creatures I have designed over the many years of making my miniature models.
Below is one page from my new Sample Book and a photo of the finished Physical Sample that I am keeping to one side as a reference so I can look at it in the round if I ever wanted to make it again.
Sample Page of how I made the Yellow Fungi out of a plastic bath mat.
The finished Physical Sample to be kept for reference.
I am doing this because the one thing I had forgotten to do was keep a record of each one. Oh I have the original designs (a lot I haven't even made yet) and the photos of them all BUT not a description of how they were made and from what. If I wanted to go back and remake something and needed to work out how that was done I would have to go hunting all over the models to find an example of the item and then work it out. Not all the items I make are simple so this would take a lot of wasted time.

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