Friday, 18 September 2015

The Gold Coast Show 2015

The one and only show (at the moment) that I display my miniature fantasy models at is the Gold Coast Show.
 I have displaying my miniature models there for eleven years. It is strange how it seems like it was only a couple of years ago that I met Doug Reiser (the President of the Gold Coast Show) and he asked me to display my models.

Because of this I then met Jeff Gilberthopre of the The IconCollection. If it was not him I would now not have written my first story of the characters living in my miniature fantasy world and started the second.
 If it was not for these two men my life would not be where it is now. Opps I should mention that if it was not for my partner being so tolerant when it comes to my craft (which nearly all consuming) and my writing of course, my life would not be the better for it because from there I have met amazing people.

This year was the second year of displaying my miniature models in the new location at Bundall. This year the new modern pavilion had been built and I was so pleased to display my models in one of the booths.

With the black carpeted booth and the flood lights my models were displayed brilliantly I am assuming that this is why people literally stopped in their tracks and turned to see my models.
Veeleeta's House and The Shadow House

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Two new little models I am making

I have joined a new writing group.

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