Monday, 2 November 2015

CRAFT SUPPLIES FOR SALE! To sell or not to sell?


With three craft room's you can imagine that I would have some 'things' hidden in them that I do not actually need and as I am on the hunt for money I thought  "Why not sell some of it?"

Why am I on the hunt for money? Good question, because I have finished my fantasy novel (finally, it has only taken 8 years). Anyway because there is not a fairy or a witch in site in my novel, only creatures I have invented, I thought (after talking it over with a well known author) that it would be a good idea to have some drawings (illustrations) that could be sent with it to the agent I have chosen (granted they do not know I have chosen them put I will put it out to the universe if all goes to plan... well you will know the rest one day. Anyway this is the reason I am on the hunt for money. Illustrators, good ones, are not cheap and as I consider it soo very important to have an illustrator that can be the advantage, a benefit,  a reason for someone to pick up your book and read it, buy it, hence it is worth the money a person has to pay to him or her.
So far I have been able to have some posters made up by Aaron Pocock.
With this in mind, I started selling "stuff" through Facebook Groups. This was successful to a point. If any of you have had dealings with Facebook Groups you will know how difficult it is to snag a sale. I consider it like fishing. You happen to put up a post at the same time a person just happens to be looking through the group and just happens to see your post and just happens to be wanting what you are selling. And then there are the RULES! I'm not very good at following rules and I suppose I should have known that I would, eventually, not be able to put up with it so hence I started my own Facebook Page to sell my craft supplies. In the end I choose not to do this either because of the shear amount of time it took to earn a couple of dollars. I deleted everything I had done and went back to my job of maintaining fish ponds.

Now I have not completely given up my idea, as I still want an illustrator, but I am going to have a go at selling everything at a BIG craft show. So I have to package everything up (which is a lot) see how much it will cost to get a stand in a BIG craft show and see if, at the end of it, I will actually make some money if I sold it all. Few! I will let you know how I go.
 Well I am back to tell you that all things were put on hold because the roof of my craft room gave way. If you would like to read about it click here. So anyway the stuff I do have left has been put up on shelves and will have to sit there for a while as I have a school to go to with my models, I have a couple of shows to do and get three of my models ready for a three month display at Lollipop Land.

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