Thursday, 6 October 2016

Using Strings of Miniature LED's

Using Strings of Miniature LED's
When it comes to my models I have found the WOW factor through the day BUT at night they are a real let down. Not anymore!
Lighting has always been the bane of my life when it comes to these models of mine BUT I have finally found the solution.
For your information - Internal lights are included as the image shows. If you would like to read more articles about how I have lit up the models please click here and scroll down past this post.

If you would like to read more of this post please click on the Read More link below.

Now the exciting stuff!
I purchased my first couple of strings of 50 miniature led's from China. One set came with a strand broken and so I will attempt to glue (solder?) them together. I will let you know how I go. P.S. - It worked well.
My progress to achieve this WOW factor through the day was to add lots of bugs. I love bugs and fungi. Then I tried glow in the dark paint but the problem with that stuff is the model has to travel from light to day really fast to get any effect. It warms my heart when I bring my models home from a show and as I take them inside all the tiny things painted with glow-in-the-dark paint started to glow but it only lasts for about 10mins. It is brilliant BUT it is not enough.
What to do?
Well, the answer came last year. When I was at the Gold Coast Show I met a lady from years past. Her name is Jude and she was doing a small display at the show (see image below). 

We got to talking and she invited me up to see her BIG display. Well, how could I not go? Here I was with people of my own ilk. People who understood what I was talking about, how I felt about it all. It was like coming home.
Jude had teamed up with a lady, Chris Boston, who's work I have admired for decades. Their display 'Lollipop Land' had now out grown the Gold Coast Show it was now displayed at the Old Town at Petrie, Qld, Australia once a year. 

So based on what I saw there I have come up with my own version to suit my own project - see below.

Some of these designs are extremely simple. Veeleeta's house (above) is just covered in 100 rubber grapes. I have found that a combination of coloured grapes and altering the colour of the led's makes for an amazing effect. What I like most about the effect is that during the day only just a hint of light can be seen (see left hand photo) where as, as the light gets darker or the grapes are hidden under leaves, the colours really start to shine and by the night time they are literally glowing.

I have now collected strings from 50 to 200 lights in a range of colours all run on batteries so expect to see some interesting stuff done with them. With these, I will definitely have my WOW factor now!

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