Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Baby Noodles - How Cute!

Look at these aren't they amazing! I bought the lot!
Mini Noodle Sticks in three sizes
Have you ever seen the large Noodles that are used by people in swimming pools? Well now you can get baby noodles. Aren't they brilliant! They come in three sizes. 1cm wide, 1.9cm wide, 3.8cm wide.

At the moment I have been having a go with the 1cm wide noodle sticks and this is one of the things I have made. (see below)

To make these Cut them to the lengths I wanted, rounded off the top with sand paper then stuck a thin piece of wire up inside (it needs to be thicker). I then painted glue onto the pale blue noodle. It doesn't like this idea but I persisted. I then dunked it amongst the micro beads I like to use. These micro beads pick up the colour beneath them.

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I then had a stack of gumnut caps. I live in Australia and am fortunate enough to be able to find lots of different types on the ground.
Small gumnut caps
I glued a coloured bead in each one and, painting a small bit of glue around the rim, dunked them into the micro beads and left them until dry.

Once the gumnuts (with the beads) are dry I then poked holes in the dried noodle stick and glued them in place. I personally left them over night to dry. Even at this stage they were looking good.

The next day I then glued around the gumnut and sprinkled micro beads around them so that the two parts of the model would look like they belong together.

Now something to note here. I had put a thin piece of wire up inside it at the beginning when it was straight. I then decided to bend it. Glue does not really like sticking to the noodles so when I bent it I ended up with folds in the fabric of the glue. See the first bend on the left, there are folds there. This is nothing really but something to know about just in case you don't like it or worry.

Anyway doesn't this look like coral?

I could have left it there but I felt it looked soo much like coral that that is what people would think. As I am doing a forest coral doesn't really work. My solution was to use fine white minute seed beads and very fine fishing line. I glued the beads onto the ends of the fishing line and cut them to random lengths then glued them into the hole of the bead.

To do this I went around and made sure the holes in the bead were actually clear of glue. I then put some tacky glue - just glue that has been sitting around for a while - into the hole and then added the flowers.

Any combination of colours can be combined together to make an amazing display. Good luck.
Close of Noodle Stick Flowers

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