Friday, 26 May 2017

My New Display Room


I am very pleased to show you my new display room. Below I will tell you how I have ended up with this amazing space. If you are interested in knowing this please click here.

I have actually had this space, which is what is called a lean-to to the house, for over 17 years. It used to house a pool table but then no one played pool so I took it over and had my craft in here and in another room that is just off to the right. You can just see the door frame in the photo above. Then of course, as is the way with me, the main lounge room wasn't being used, we like to use a cosy little room. Well with all that space being wasted I set up an area to teach people how to make models and of course, when that all finished, the stuff that had migrated there never got taken out, if fact more congregated there.

 In 2011 my room looked like these two photos.

By 2017 (even though I don't actually have a photo) it looked similar to the craft room (which hasn't been organised yet), but it would give you an idea and then just enlarge it to fill the larger room. See below.
So back to the Display Room. Because it was a lean-to it was just a metal roof stuck together with silicon. Well after 20 odd years that gave way, in fact we had been having drips that needed buckets under them for several years but last wet season it just gave way. Five truck loads of craft and cupboards later I was not a happy person.
Fortunately for me, or maybe the universe was helping out, I ended up with a large pond job to do. Have I told you before that my bread and butter job is a Watergardener (being doing it for nearly 30 years). Anyway the job gave me the money to replace the roof to protect my miniature models.

After making a careful selection I choose Pacific Patios to replace the roof and it was not much more expensive to have it insulated.
Room with the beautiful new roof. Very pleased.
Polypropylene rugs, this was because I am a messy person when working on my models and just in case water does get it in to the room these rugs will cope with that.

And finally my beautiful room. it is not finished yer. I still have more bead curtains to put up, silk flowers, a curtain around the base so the stuff underneath does not show and any other bits I think of. Otherwise I am extremely pleased with it and now when people ask me can they come and see my display I can say "Yes!"

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