Sunday, 1 January 2012

Other Peoples Blog's - Marlin Peterson

This is the first time I have done this but I came across this person's blog and I have just found the whole thing amazing.

Most people deal with their ordinary daily lives. This persons life and what he does is extrodianary and so I thought I would put a link to it here.

I was going to say something about what this person does but it is better if I let him tell you. (This is from his blog) "Marlin has been engaged in all styles of graphic imagery since he was very young.  From cartooning to science illustration he is also fluent in all manners of media, both traditional and digital.  He is at home illustrating the unseen sagas of the world of insects and arachnids, prehistoric mammals, and caricatures of people.
When he dreams, it is of ever larger canvases.
His goals include painting a series of large paintings showcasing the staggeringly different eye arrangement of spiders, creating a huge hyper-realistic mold and model of a “harvestman” arachnid (opiliones), and a graphic novel about the first contact between the 3 foot high humanoids who lived on the Indonesian island of Flores and modern-day humans that displaced them."

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