Sunday, 27 May 2012

Author - Tiana Templeman

This weekend I have been at the Literati Festival held by the Friends of the Library and the Gold Coast Council.
On Friday I atteneded a master class held by Tiana Templeman author of Absolutley Faking It. Her story is about how she and her husband won a $65,000 prize. They were to stay in the top 10 hotels of the world the problem was they had no spending money so they had to back pack there way around.

Image from the QWC web page.

Image from the Jeffery Books &
Stationery Pty Ltd web page.

Tiana presented 'Pitching to Publishers' which I found fascinating as that is where I am at with my story and even though it was free to attend I would have put down hard cash to hear her talk.
Tiana also has a website that concentrates on Travel called
Tiana Templeman's Travel Test.
If you would like to purchase her book I have supplied some links below:-
ABC shop
Bibli Oz

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