Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Heath - Herbs - Gotu Kola

I have always been interested in herbs and have used some of them for over thirty years.
Now one that would be worth looking into is GOTU KOLA.

I intend to start using the leaves once I purchase some from Isabell Shipard at Nambour, Qld.

This picture has been taken from the Isabell Shipards website. It is of Gotu Kola.

The herb is taken every day, 2-3 leaves (the size of a 50c piece). It has been studied for hundreds of years and it seems almost impossible that it can help, if not cure many of the ailments mankind suffer from. If it was not for physical results (people who have used it) people may scoff but I intend to use it anyway.

Even though I am reasonable well there are a couple of things I would like to cure/get rid off and if this can help then brilliant.

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