Monday, 27 August 2012

Grant Workshop with Artslink

Last Wednesday (22nd August) I attended a workshop on how to go about getting a grant. What was different about this workshop was that I was able to do a 5min presentation of my work and then the next day sit down and talk about how I should proceed.
My new movable sign with a hanging house
with lights, plastic sleeves to hold leaflets
and of course my new name
Bramblewood - where secrets are hidden
and magic abides.
Overall the night was a great success. There were representatives from various departments that deal with funding. There was a remarkable young lady talking about Rabbit & Cocoon which is an art pre-sink she and two other people have set up at Miami on the Gold Coast.

At the end of the workshop I now have a clear idea on the way I wish to proceed.

The first is to put away all the little things I am doing at night (I build fungi and flowers for my models) and get out my hanging houses and work on them. My aim is to build 50+ hanging houses so that I can hold a huge exhibition. It will enable people to walk through the village as if they live there.

The second thing is to work on selling my skills. Not just my craft and art skills but also the skills I have with watergardening (which I have been doing for nearly 30 years). It was also suggested that I join Artslink and put a blurb about myself on their website. This website is available to anyone but especially to councils. The hope is that (as I am very happy to travel) that councils out west and others of course, will employ me to do a workshop.

I feel much better now as I have a better sense of direction.

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