Tuesday, 27 August 2013

STUDENT - Penguin House - KH

I have three new students. Three boys! This is a really interesting challenge. I have never really had to deal with boys. I had two girls of my own which of course are all grown up.

I am finding it fascinating how different each boy is. The way they do their work, the ideas they have come up with. It is really interesting.

I am also very pleased to say that they are all doing very well. Two boys are aged 10 and the other is 8 1/2. I was unsure about having someone so young (as I had never dealt, in this capacity, with someone of this age before) because we are dealing with knives, saws, a soldering iron, drill etc but I am pleased that the young lad, as with the other two, have handled them with ease. 

Their creativity is soo different and I can't wait to see the finished projects and put them up on my blog for you all to see.

 PH, who is 8 1/2years old, was the first boy to finish his house. He wanted to build a penguin in a workshop.
This is the pre-made gourd

He wire up a box with a blue flashing light. Made a table and a tall cupboard.

 He made an amazing penguin using aluminum foil as the core and then covering it with polymer clay which was then cooked.  
This PH's finished house with the blue flashing light on

This is it with the light off. Notice the red tool box and the clock on the wall

The cost of the gourd was $25.00. The Materials$15.00. The Lights were $15.00 and the classes were $10 an hour.
It took PH 24 hrs made up of 12 x 2 hr lessons.

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