Friday, 27 December 2013

STUDENT - Badger House -BH

STUDENT:-Badger House - BH (psuedo name)
BH is 10 years of age. He decided to build a two story house in the pre-made gourd he choose.
I do what I always do get too excited and then forget to take photos. This is the pre-made house with the attic BH has added.

BH's attic is filled with an old couch and boxes plus a small ladder.

The back of the house has been decorated with all manner of 'things' including a large dragonfly. The 'moss' helps cover up the wires for the lights.

Inside BH's house there is a flat screen TV, a play station (the controls are sitting on the chair), a Japanese style lamp a fish tank sitting on the small cupboard plus a bed and clock on the wall.

The lamp was made from piping with a paper doily glued to it. The fish tank was made from the packaging of batteries with sand (mixed with glue) in the base and fish drawn on to strips of plastic and strategically placed within the sand so they look like they are swimming.

Isn't the badger fabulous. I like badgers. Using some photos of real badgers I took when i was in England earlier this year BH made his. He used aluminum foil as the core and polymer clay over the top. The badger was then cooked.

The house has three lights in it. The battery packs (2) were placed in the base.

Not content to decorate the inside and the back of his gourd BH decided to put in a swing and a waterfall section. This photo was taken while the 'water' was still wet.

It took BH 32hrs (made up of 14 x 2hr lessons) to build and decorate his house.
The cost of the pre-made gourd was $35.00. The lights cost $15. The materials cost $15. The cost of the lessons were mostly $10 an hour but there were four hours at $15 each hour due to the other students finishing their houses and BH decided to continue adding more and more.

I am extremely pleased with this house and the imagination that has gone into it.

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