Friday, 24 July 2015

How to:- Remove Hot Glue from fabric

I shall be moving this post to a Page  titled HOW TO:- The aim of the Page will be to place tips and tricks I have either learnt or heard about in the hope that some or one of them will help you with your project.
The first How To article is about removing dried Hot Glue from fabric.
The main ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol found in rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud.
As can been seen in the video supplied* and the photos** the removal of the Dried Hot Glue Stick Glue is soo easy it astonished me the first time I tried it.

What I have found when using this method on silk rose petals:-

First:- The thicker the glue to be removed the better. Upon using the cotton bud to apply the Isopropyl Alcohol to the area with the dried glue, (do ONLY one section at a time),wait 10 seconds and then with either your fingernail of the tip of a knife you can pick the blob of glue off and it leaves no trace.
Use Isopropyl alcohol to removed glue.
Soak one spot at a time with alcohol.

After 10 seconds pick at the glue with either finger nail or tip of knife.

Glue pulls off cleanly.

Second:- When dealing with thin scrappy bits of dried glue then it becomes a bit trickier. First you apply the Isopropyl Alcohol to one small section at a time, wait 10 or 15 seconds and then using the end of a pointy knife and stretching the fabric with your fingers to keep the fabric taught, scape the glue off. This may have to be done many times as can be seen in the images supplied.

Silk rose petals with dried hot glue on both sides. By using a cotton bud soaked in Isoprophy alcohol you can see the before and after.


Reference:- * The video was found on and put on by John Mangan (siliconghost)
** The other images are mine (Nicola Tierney) - All images within the blog can be shared for your own personnel use BUT CAN NOT be used in any commercial endeavor.

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