Monday, 13 February 2017

Aaron Pocock's Exhibition

I thought I would show you this little gem I have just purchased. Granted the photo does not do the painting justice. This little piece has been painted by Aaron Pocock and he is having his very first exhibition and I visited him yesterday and this came home with me.
His exhibition is at Able Galley, Coral St, Loganlea, Brisbane, Australia. (Please note that the icon on google map is not in the right place. The Gallery is one of the white buildings above the icon (next to house number 29). He is there from 10am to 5pm for the rest of the week and he has a wide variety of artwork in an array of styles.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, one reason is to see if anyone wanted to go and look Aaron up - click here for more info and if anyone is looking to purchase some amazing artwork I think it would be well worth your effort to go and look at his amazing work.

The second reason is that I wanted to say that I have been unable to add anything more to my blog as I have had a bit of a disaster.

I have two craft rooms and one of those is in a leantoo attached to the house. The sealer around the roof has gave way and we ended up with sheets of rain water, on three sides, coming into the craft room. Many weeks later, and a LOT of work, that room is empty. All that could be saved has been neatly placed into the first craft room, that room had to be dismantled so that another rooms worth of craft supplies. could be placed inside it. Five truck loads of rubbish has been taken to the tip! Fortunately, my models were not in the room at the time. They are now in the front room and one of the bedrooms until we get a new roof.

I have removed all the climbing roses from the roof and just as I was about to start taking off the roof from the verandah, so I could get at the gutters, I was given a very large pond job! Today I am shifting 63 large Silver Perch into another pond in the hope that they will eat up the baby crayfish - that is another story!

One silver lining is that I have decided to make the empty room into a display area. So once the roof is sorted I will be able to take some of the shelving (which is right up to the ceiling) from the first craft room and place it at hip height and make a large display area for my models - just incase anyone wanted to come and have a look at them. They will also be easier to get at for when I take them to schools and shows.

See ya later.

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