Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Gold Coast Show 2017 - What I Made

At the Gold Coast Show 2017 and what I made there

When I am at any show I like to make something. This time I was able to make the base of the wooden decking (is that what it would be called?) that surrounded the hanging house I am working on.
What I did first was nail and glue small sections of square balsa wood to the gourd creating an edge. I did this until the complete base was circled with them. I then cut pieces of flat sheet balsa wood so that it would radiate out from the gourd. These were nailed and glued to the edging. I then nailed and glued the sheet edging to more square balsa wood so that the outer ends of the decking were supported.
Once the wood work was completed I then covered the whole lot with hand made paper. I loved the texture and will colour it later.
Once that was finished I then worked on the windows.
This is the first version of the rubber bands used. I thought them too bright so changed them to the lighter colour.
The white stuff is the glue that has not dried yet. The base as the window is made from sequins covered in micro beads.

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