Sunday, 8 October 2017

Exhibition at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporay Art

Well here she is, the model is finished and is presently sitting in the front window of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art. I am soo pleased. My first real exhibition.

The exhibition is call Fruit Salad.

Set up day on the left, opening night on the right. It was so exciting.
My artist statement.

Day time with lights on
Night time with lights on

This section of the blog was before the exhibition had started.  This model still has to be finished but I have the other three houses to finish for my other exhibition first. 

Earlier this year I did a workshop, held by Flying Arts, to see how to hold an exhibition because of that the entire group has been offered the opportunity of holding an exhibition. I understand that there should be about 20 artists, me being one of them.

The exhibition will be held at the Judith Wright Center of Contemporary Arts in Fortitude valley Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from the 3rd November to the 15th of December.

This is very exciting and I have offered two models but have suggested the the White House is the best, in my opinion, for this particular exhibition.

I have had to write an Artist Statement, that is a thing, honestly working out what do you actually do with your art gets the mind thinking and what your art is really about. I had to go back 30 years and think of the reason why I actually started making all these models in the first place. It was a place of refuge for me and even though I do not need to live in my fantasy world anymore, maybe there are other broken people out there at could.

Covering (hand made paper)for decking
 was added at Gold Coast Show
Windows (sequins, micro beads and rubber bands)
 were added at the Gold Coast Show
Then I needed to write a 50 word bio - strewth, summing ones self up in 50 words!

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