Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Writing A Story - How I came up with the idea

Ths post is about writing a story and how I came up with the stories that I am writing. I'm writing two at the moment (Story 1 & Story 2). I don't actually want to go into the details of what my stories are about as they are not published yet but still I think the processes of how I came up with the ideas within them might be interesting to some.
I am writing a story about Archibald who lives in this General Store
The General Store and Me
From time to time I had come up with little ditty's that I would write down but I never took them seriously until one year (along time ago) I made a model of a General Store. (Story 1) It was created in a time when everyone had gone away on holidays and I was left to run my parents waterlily nursery. Every night I would set the log fire ablaze, put on a Miss Marple video (starring Joan Hickson, my favourite) and make my model. When I created the main character, who lives in my imaginary forest, I had to consider what did he do. How can he move within his store and his house that sat on top of it. I must admit I got a bit carried away with it all and in the end I even gave him an astronomy tower (because I like looking at the stars, the universe). It sits on the very top of his house. It even has actual miniature star charts of the southern hemisphere. I also created a vege patch and as I thought of his life I realised that he wouldn't have time to tend it so I made it overgrown with weeds. You can see the little dove coup he has standing in the middle of it by clicking onto the link How to Make Picture Tubes. which can be found on the page labeled Information for Free & Sale.
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