Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Help with Blogger - How I Made My Blog

How I made my blog. I thought people might be interested just incase anyone wants to create a Blog in Blogger. I was told it is was sooo easy! You’ve got to be kidding.
I fumbled my way around for hours and some things have still not been fixed. By the time I realised I was in trouble and that I really needed to keep track of all this information I had created 'things'. I have gone over some of it so that it could be placed here but I’m sorry to say, some of it is still missing. What is here works. See LINKS  below for relevant info.

(2 July 2011 - When I have time I will be putting all this into dot form as its getting a bit busy looking. I will also add info about keywords and how to find them and use them)

You will be creating one page called HOME that all other posts will be able to be put onto. This page WILL automaticaly, everytime you put up a new post, scroll down. Which means the first bit of informtion you posted will now be a the bottom and will continue to go down the more posts you put on it.
ALL the other pages are STATIC. They can not have 'posts' added to them they will just stay the same. 'You can keep adding information to that static page by creating a space between them and adding a new date. That is one way of getting around it.
It is important to know this so that you will not make the mistake I have just made. Fortuanetly this is very easy to fix by cuting and pasting.
Without realising it I have placed all my information on to STATIC PAGES. Now in some ways this is good. It still allows for comments which is good and at least I don't have to worry about the information any more. This is another good thing as I'm a busy person.

I have of course put information on my HOME page that I would now, as I now realsie what is going to happen to it, have on a static page as I do not want it to end up at the bottom of a lot of other posts.
(If you would like to read more about Help with Blogger - How I Made My Blog click here)

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