Thursday, 15 March 2012

Horror of Horrors

Horror of horrors I have too many words. I am up to my 14th chapter in my last edit and now I find I have too many words!

I suppose the problem is that all this time I have been keeping my chapters separate and now I am adding them together, like a rolling train, as if they were a book. It is only know that I can see a word count.

I have kept records of word counts before but of course that was sort of ten edits ago! I couldn't see the point. I just wanted to write my story and delete words if necessary latter. It is NECESSARY!

I have over 50,000 words and I still have 13 chapters to go!

But don't panic I haven't done all this work just to let words get in my way.

UPDATE - 27th March 2012

I have completed deleting words from my story. I've deleted 18,021 words which means I have a total of 79,707 words left. Still too many.

I have now reprinted the new version and have started again. I want to make sure that the story still flows and if possible delete a few more words.

I have just completed the 1st chapter and was able to get rid of another 260 words. Annoying though because I had to get rid of the floating blue dots.

I did actually find deleting this many words extremely upsetting and I do feel that some of the subtle things I was telling the reader are now gone and so, IF I am able in the future, I would like to print an un-cut version of my story.

I can only hope that I will be able to even if I have to pay for it myself. It is the only thing that keeps me going, well, plus the fact that I know if I don't get rid of these words no one will publish the book.

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