Friday, 27 December 2013


I met Charlie at the Mudgeeraba Show where I was displaying my models. I was very pleased when later I had the privilege of having him attend my classes. He is 10 years of age and has passion for creating things, lots of them.
Charlie choose this pre-made gourd.

Charlie decided to make a bakery.

First he made an oven. It was made from 1/2 a ping pong ball and covered in air drying clay. Inside the base of the oven - the fire- is an orange flashing light.
He then placed a fake door at the back (this was later be be replaced with a sink). He also built a table.

The internal makeup of how the shelving was to be placed was changed several times but it the end he ended up with them as can be seen here. The long white sausage like object is clay to the height of his character. This was to help with the scale of the furniture.

As can be seen by this photo the door has been removed and a sink (with bubbles) has been located at the back of the bakery.
Doesn't that cake look good enough to eat! All we need is garlic and we are set with the lovely french loaves.

There are several items here (at the back of Charlies house) that he has made himself - the green flower on the ground and the orange one on the left hand corner, the rest were made by me and like all my students they can use them. Charlie liked to have lots of plants all over the outside of his house.

The photo of the finished house will be forthcoming.

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