Saturday, 28 December 2013


Olivia is 10 years old. She has been with me for many months making a large house.
The idea of creating this house is to get it to a stage where she can take it home and finish it in any way she sees fit.
This is the basic gourds that have been used
To build the base of the house it is necessary to place three large gourds with a plastic ridged pipe going up the middle. It is then glued together with liquid nails. In the three valleys created by the three main gourds smaller gourds have been placed to fill the gap.

The gourds are covered in cardboard which is either glued in place or stapled together. It is necessary to use products that are light. It is amazing how heavy these types of houses are when they are finished. A ton of feathers is still a ton!

The photo to the right shows the approximate location of the clear plastic tubing that will made into vines but actually hides the wiring for the lights inside and out.

This photos shows you what the vines look like once they have been wrapped in 'bark' like fabric and string then painted. The 'moss' is two types of wool finger crocheted together. See the cream coloured flower in the top left corner, that has a light in the center of it. So do the large flowers in the photo below.

The outside of the house has been covered in lots of plants and fungi. It also has flowers that light up. Olivia has soldered all of the lights herself.

Two of the gourds have been opened so that Olivia could make a bedroom and a lounge room. Again only the basics have been added so she can add other 'thing's later as the whim takes her.

Olivia's cool cat. Isn't he great?

Olivia has built an astronomy tower. I am very pleased with the telescope. We used an old atlas to help with accuracy of the drawings of the planets on the back wall. There is a string ladder leading up to the tower.

As more work is completed I shall add more photos.

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