Sunday, 27 November 2011

Books I Have Read - Pond Magic

I have just finished reading for the second time Pond Magic by Angela Sunde.
Now I have known Angela for three years and I find her nothing but inspirational.
When I first read Pond Magic in its infansay as a manuscript I was amazed at the magic, the cleverness and wonder of the story. Now that it is finished, tidied up and squished down into the number of words that are required to be an Aussie Chomps author it is just great!

Angela Sunde's first book - One of many

As you know everything is beholdent to the viewer (or reader as in this case) and I am a person (if you couldn't tell that likes MAGIC! WONDER! and CLEVERNESS! and that is what I see and read when I read this book.)

By the way the story behind Angela being picked up by Penguin Publishers deserves a story all of its own but I am not here to talk about that.

Here Angela has written a mesmerising tale about the trials and tribulations of a girl - Lily Pond- of 12 living nextdoor to a witch! When Lily starts burping and her feet become webbed and her skin turns green she realises that she is turning into a frog! Something has to be done! I mean to say she nearly eats a fly for crying out loud!

As Lily struggles with this dissaster and the kids at school teasing her another one comes to live with her in the form of an exchange student from France - Rainier le Dauphin. She finds this person who she refers to as Rain Gauge or Rainy (just pick one) irratating beyond dispare. Lily's mother on the other hand is delighted as she is with all things French but wouldn't you know it in the end Lily needs Rainier to save her from ending her days living the back yard pond.

I have found this a delightful story and as I know there is a second story about the adventures of Lily Pond in the winds I, for one, just can't wait.

Below is a list of places that you are able to purchase a copy of Pond Magic. Also if any one would like to have a signed copy then please contact Angela through her web site. Angela Sunde's web site.

A local Gold Coast bookstore;
Network Educational 4/498 Scottsdale Dr, Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast. Network Educational
Love That Book bookstore, Southport Park Shopping Centre, Southport Park, Gold Coast. Love That Book Store

Pond Magic can be ordered from any bookstore in Australia and New Zealand.

It can also be ordered from any online store such as: these are all facebook sites. Just click on the continue button there is no need to log in if you are just looking.

Fishpond: Fishpond
Borders online: Borders Online
Mighty Ape online: Mighty Ape
Seek Books online: Seek Books
Booktopia: Booktopia

The book retails for approx $12.99.


  1. Thank you, Nicola, for such a lovely review! Lily will be very proud of making it onto your blog. Archibald is one of her best friends. He he.

  2. Now wouldn't that be something if Lily came to tea. I wonder what she would make of Archibald's little world?
    Thank you for your comment. It was a pleasure to read your work.