Sunday, 27 November 2011

Prana Writers Win

We won and we have the awards to prove it!
As mentioned in my previous post Prana Writers won the Write A Book In A Day Competition. We are the National Winner as well as the Eastern States Winner!

Awards for Write a Book in a Day

This award or should I say awards were given out by the Royal Children's Hospital.
Visit Prana Writers blog for more information. Click Here.

On the 24th November 2011 the group (less two members who were unable to attend) was prented with the awards at the Gold Coast City Creative Juices Networking Event. The members of the team that participated in the project were presented with a certificate and a T-shirt.

Some of the members of Prana Writer

Prana members Angela Sunde presentated a power point presentation on the creating of the winning entry (The Coral Sea Monster). She went through the many processes that the group needed to complete in the one day. It was not until the beginning of the day did the members even know what it was they were to write about.

Tom Betts gave a presentation on how the Prana Writers came into being. He explained how a group of sixteen came together three years ago when the Gold Coast Council ran a Write A Kids Book workshop with Louise Cusack. The next year eleven of us decided to apply for a grant and employ Louise again. This year those eleven became known as Prana Writers.

It was a wonderful night and I am soo proud of our group.
Below is an exert from the judges report on The Coral Sea Monster by Prana Writers.

'The Winner of the Open Section this year is the most beautifully illustrated as well as the best written story of the bunch: ‘The Coral Sea Monster’ by Prana Writers. The team was given the challenge to include a podiatrist, a sheep shearer and a sea animal in their work, as well as to employ the setting of a motorway and the theme of love. The result is an amusing and engaging story of a 13 year-old sheep-whisperer, Jack, whose hopes of competing in the shearing event at the Ekka showgrounds are shot through when a truck overturns on the motorway into Brisbane, blocking the traffic in both directions. The truck in question is carrying a sea monster, of course, and Jack and his new found friend, a teen podiatrist (yes, there is such a girl!), set out on a fun-packed adventure to save the sea monster from the clutches of Lionel Measly, the greedy Ocean-World curator who hopes to make a million out of the endangered species. A competition like Book-in-a -Day challenges all of its competitors to take an imaginative leap, to work together against the ticking clock, to produce something extraordinary and new. ‘The Coral Sea Monster’ is a delightful example of the best kind of new work this competition is capable of producing. Congratulations to team members Tom Betts, Rob Brown, Margaret Choinski, Rebecca Fraser, Janis Hanley, Kerry McGuicken, Helen Stubbs, Angela Sunde and Amanda Worlley, as well as to the children at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, to whom this team’s sponsors directed their funds. You are all very worthy winners!'

Congratulations of a job well done and may we all go from strength to strength in the coming years.

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