Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I have Finished! Well Almost.

I have finished my story, well almost. When one is writing a story, big or small for that mater, there are so many many things that have to done. I am the type of person, I have learnt, who writes one chapter and when I am happy with it then I write another. When I have finished what I thought I wanted to say I sit down and read the whole story from beginning to end. For myself I have found writing to be like any other craft I do. In this instance I shut my eyes and touch type. When I open my eyes what I wanted to say is there on the page, mostly.
        Anyway I found that the story was pretty well what I expected but then thought 'Well hang on a minute. How are my characters going to get across a field when they are only the size of a person's thumb! How are they going to send and receive messages and more importantly I can not just have them go from A to B with nothing exciting happening. Umm ... I wonder what I could do to them?'
        Another thing I found invaluable was a 'time schedual'. Not for my writing but because I have two groups of characters that only meet up at the end of the story. I needed to know where everyone was in relation to everyone else. This was soo important. Upon creating one of these I found I needed another day with one group of my characters and so I had to create a disaster to delay them. Once this was put in place I ended up with a dilemma. I now had delayed them so much that now they had no time to catch up and be in the right place at the right time! Strewth! I'd done it now!
       I then devised a way to solve this problem and, as my story is being read at this very moment by some trusted friends, I'm sure they will tell me if the solution is plausible or not.
       Now that my story is written it is being read by, as I said before, some trusted friends who are authors themselves. I shall also be delivering my story up to a dear friend of mine who is the smartest man I've every known and he will sort out my grammar. Once all of this info comes back I intend to take myself off for a week and go through my story from top to toe and THEN it shall be finished! That is until an editor gets his/her hands on it. It just never ends!
      Now I am turning my attention to a cover letter and the synopsis.
      I can't wait to start my other story. That I am really looking forward to.

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