Sunday, 6 November 2011


                             WE WON!
or should I say the Prana Writers won the National Awards for the Write a Book in a Day competition.
Unfortunately I and two other members were away at the time the other members of the Prana Writers were competing in the competition.

It is amazing, on the one hand, that our group has pulled off something so brilliant and distressing on the other that I was unable to be there to be part of it. I was on a two week trip up to the Gulf of Carpentaria. I enjoyed myself immensely and I was able to complete an awful lot of writting on my story but still ...

I have included the link for the press release of our groups success. Before the group knew of their success they had decided to re-edit the story The Coral Sea Monster with a view of self publishing it and donating some of the profits to the Royal Children's Hospital as a matter of course. Now that the group has won, that will definitely be happening.
The three of us that were unable to be involved in creating this fine story have been asked to review the story once it has been polished up by the eight members who came up with the story in the first place.

It is an amazing accomplishment by the members of the group and I congratulated them all on their achievement.



  1. Thanks Nicola! You were certainly missed on the day. I'm looking forward to your input as reviewer.

  2. Thank you Angela and I hope to catch up with you soon and hear of all your successes. I am looking forward to reading your knew story.