Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Creative People - Pip and Pop Display

Well I visited the diplay 'We Miss You Magic Land' being displayed at the Queensland Gallery/ Gallery of Modern Art and I must say that for a person like me it was AMAZING!

Reminds me of dragon eggs

Magic Clouds

What I did find interesting beside the obvious creativity and detail to the colour schemes and the overal design of the whole display was the way people interacted with it. Most people wanted to get down on their knees and lean on the edging (which was NOT allowed) so they could look straight at it.
The range of ages of the people were amazing. It was NOT just for children.
I've taken over 80 photos and I'm soo pleased I have.

I loved the twinkling lights. It gave the static display movement and it is something to think about with my own model. The use of space was very good. There were areas of absolute clutter and colour and then of others of just empty space. It made the whole thing better. The more you looked the more you saw. Which is what I am doing with my model. It was also amazing to 'see' what the artist's used to create this amazing display.

I for one LOVED it and strongly recommend that if you can visit the display do so.
If this doesn't inspire people I don't know what would.

This extrodinary piece of artwork is being displayed (free entry) at GOMA - Queensland Art Gallery/ Gallery of Modern Art from 26th November to the 4th March 2012 located at South Brisbane. (See map below)

'Perth-based artist duo Pip & Pop (Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz) will create an immersive and vibrant environment for children and families to explore in this major Children’s Art Centre installation as part of GOMA’s fifth anniversary celebrations.
Drawing on children’s stories, creation myths, Buddhist cosmologies, video games and folktales, Pip & Pop create large-scale fantasy worlds coloured with a bright, often fluorescent palette, using cake-decorating tools, intricate layers of sugar, glitter, modelling clay and mirrors.
Pathways and peepholes will lead visitors to different worlds: a magical forest filled with strange flowers, vines, mushrooms and animals; a cosmic universe condensed into a darkened room with twinkly stars; and a volcanic lake with crystals, mist and liquid pools are just some of the creations waiting to be discovered.'
Information above supplied by the Qld Art gallery website.

QAG GoMA Location Map White

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