Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Creative People - Lorell Leham

I love to troll through the web and see what other people are creating. To me the web is like a huge library and I LOVE library's.

Today I have found Lorell Leham I found her because I was looking in Google Images for original fantasy dolls. I came across the art work of Koldo Barroso and therefore came across Lorell.

Created out of Polymer Clay, wire & stuffing
This is one of her amazing dolls and it is called The Pobble. Isn't it brilliant!
P.S. I have found a lot of her work on her older posts in her blog. As of the time of this post her website was not up and running again.

My theory is that a person needs to see and learn from people who are better than they are. In my case I'm looking for people who are much better in creative dolls and models. I love to see what they have created (I collect their images for reference) I love to learn how they create these creatures and why they have created them. Enjoy.

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