Thursday, 11 June 2015


The iridescent bubbles I purchased yeas ago.
I was looking for bubbles like the ones I purchased years-s-s-s ago in America. I wanted to buy kilos and kilos of them but no luck at the moment.

Soo in my desperation I went looking for other types. I came across a company called Potters in Victoria.

The first packet are 3mil pale blue beads.

From Potters I received three sample of micro-spheres. I'm really pleased with these and shall be purchasing 20 kilos (the smallest they sell them in) I shall also buy the last bead as well

Using them I have (so far) made a type of fungi with blue centers and

some insect eggs on the underside of leaves.

These are a grey 2mil bead and the moment I haven't used them but I'm sure something will come up.
Now I am really pleased I have come across these beads. Years ago I started making the glass eyed fungi. I had been given the beads by someone. They were used as Teddy weights. I was unable to find them and even though these are only the smaller of what I was using it is a start.
Now I'm really pleased with these 1.70mil beads

One other thing I have made is these red fungi. These have turned out to be quite a tricky thing to get to a point where I like them. They are made using the Yates tree flower caps (these ones are from when there was a drought). I then placed silver foil over them with gold seize. Glued the micro-spheres over them. I was not happy so I covered them in red nail polish on the top and red acrylic paint in gloss glaze over the stem and base. By the way the base is made out of the lower end of the plastic cord holders of blinds. Still not happy so covered them in grey glaze. Still no so covered them in black. GOT IT!

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