Friday, 12 June 2015

Stage 8 - Shadow House - Decorating the Outside

There are soo many ways to decorate a house it would be impossible to list them all. Over the years I have decorated many houses attempting to ensure that each one is as different from the other as can be and yet the problem I have, for my project, is that all the houses have to look the same when put together. As I am aiming at building 70 odd houses I feel I have the time and space (within the village) to build enough houses to accomplish this.

My thought is to build one house, such as the Shadow House, and have other houses that are similar (depending on the amount of 'light' hitting each house thereby altering the look of it and the number and type of plants placed over the roof etc) that would then radiate out from the Shadow House like the spokes on the wheel of a push bike.

I thought of putting up photos of the other houses but they are on other posts and as I am concentrating on the Shadow House I thought I should stick to those images for this post.

The images below are of just a few of the plants I have added. This is only the beginning. The base if you will. There is a lot more to do. Each layer of plant life will get smaller and smaller.
These plants are made from lotus pods, yates pods, plastic flowers and zips

These two flowers are made from Christmas bells, blue beads, fishing line and seed beads.

This flower is made from silk flowers, wire and microspheres
I have started, of course with the vines - please note that you can add as many vines and lights as you like. I then choose some leaves from silk flowers and a large fern which I painted darker. I then placed two different types of silk flowers on the roof. It is not normal for me to use anything just as I receive it but in this case I loved the large gold flowers - they just have such texture to them I couldn't resist. I then used a number of dark purple silk flowers. The rest I have made.
I spend nearly every night making 'something' whether that be moss, fungi, flowers, creatures etc; then I put them away and use them later, sometimes years later.

This is how the Shadow House looks at the moment
I will now start to put on smaller and smaller plants until I end up putting on creatures, you know bugs, spiders, caterpillars, snails that sort of thing.

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