Friday, 12 June 2015

Stage 7 - Shadow House - Decorating Lights

When it comes to decorating the light bulbs on the outside of the house there are a huge number of ways of doing this.
Below are some samples of how I have decorated the lights on other houses.
The image on the left is decorated with orange silk flowers, wire and beads using a white light. The image on the right is decorated with pink silk flowers, fishing line and beads using a white light.

The image on the left is a flower made from plastic flowers, optic fiber and beads using a yellow light. The image on the right shows flowers made from black plastic grapes, plastic plants and using an orange light.
For my Shadow House I am going to decorate the blue lights exactly like the image above using the black grapes and plastic plants. Because these two house will be close together (sort of) I feel it would be alright to have the same sort of plant. I am just changing the colour light bulb.
Using a black plastic grape over the blue bulb.
 I start with a black plastic grape placed over the blue light bulb. I then stick a stiff plastic tube (a Yakult straw) inside. I then glue these together using the Tiger Grip glue I purchased from Spotlight. This glue glues most plastics (not all) together.
The base of the grape flowers is finished. The image on the left is unlit and the image on the right is lit.

This is the finished plant although saying that I believe I will darken the green leaves.

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