Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hiding the Wiring

Using 'Vines' to Hold the Wires for a Hanging House

While I was a the Gold Coast Show 2012 I also started the lighting for the hanging house. As you can see by the photo I placed different size clear plastic tubing over the model so I can get a clear understanding of where I wanted the lights to be located.
look closely and see, draped over the gourd house, the plastic piping being positioned
Different size clear plastic tubing be 'placed' over the model.
I have a large piece of pipe as the main 'stem'. Once I had worked out where I want to join smaller pipes I then glue them together using silicon and wrap a strip of suitable fabric around the joins. These I then tie in place. The fabric I have used has a 'bark' feeling to it.

This is the completed stem of the 'vine' ready for painting. It will allow me to have seven lights. Some of those lights can, 'if I wish', go inside the model for the rooms. If I don't wish and I just allow them to be flowers then I can put another 'vine' over it especially for the lights of the rooms.

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