Friday, 12 June 2015

Stuff I Need - 1

It is a very strange thing, and I wonder if it happens to others, but when my mind is concentrating on 'something' then everything that pertains to that 'something' comes to me.

For instance at the moment I am 90% consumed with getting my story finished and so everything pertaining to writing and achieving this is coming into my life.


I want, and NEED, to get back to creating my miniature models and because my mind is not wholy and solely concentrating on it NOTHING is coming my way in advantages and especially things/stuff that I NEED to create my models and so I am buying bits when ever I can.
Created out of wooden scewers
for the stems and Yates flower
 caps for the tops.
My main haunt is the Charity Shops. As you can remember I was needing MOSS. I started taking soft toys apart (which I much admit gave me an odd feeling) so I stopped. Plus my daughter said "You can't do that! Its a Teddy Bear!"
I then was able to find three different coloured wool and a dark brown fluffy cushion. Combined I should be able to do something with them.

I've found things made out of beads, wooden and other. Fabric samplers with the stand that was used to hold them. This is going to be great as I'm going to paint it black and but up a sign on the top and create a hanging house that will fit within it. I will be able to use it as small displays.

Made from a button someone
gave me. I made a mould and
created hundreds of them.

I'm hoping that when I can get my mind back onto my models the energies of this earth will bring things/stuff to me because without it I can't build my models.

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